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Since the beginning of time, or at least since garages have been in existence, people have been embarrassed of the mess inside. One Wisconsin resident felt so strongly about the mess inside her own garage — and so admiring and envious of the beautifully organized garages of her neighbors — that she decided to put pen to paper and then go in search of a soapbox. That soapbox was the Op-Ed vertical of, a Gannett media company serving the Appleton and Fox Cities communities of Wisconsin and all the cheerful Packers fans that reside therein.

Terri Auchter is a resident of Neenah, Wisconsin, and she had this to say about the lengths her neighbors go to to shame her own home’s garage by comparison: “Some garages have curtains over the garage window. Some of these garages not only have the walls painted but the floor, too. There are metal hangers on the walls so the lawn chairs can be hung up. Some have overhead devices to hold bicycles and canoes from the ceiling. Ladders and rakes and snow shovels are neatly positioned and hung along the sides of the garage.”

Auchter claims that inside her home she and her husband are very tidy, and that she hates clutter inside the house. But she also admits that hubby has a habit of shopping compulsively, and that in the garage he keeps stores of bug spray, caulking material, paint, and “whatever else catches his eye at the local hardware store” all over the floor “next to where he parks his car.”

Despite Auchter’s fifteen-years long battle to contain the clutter, her garage remains a constant source of mild irritation.

Instead of curtains, the windows of her own garage are adorned with spider webs. Flower pots with dirt in them lay on their sides, and piles of old silk flowers wait forlornly to be planted. They may have to wait another fifteen years.

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