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Here’s a sort of pop quiz for you–  What do you consider to be the first sign of garage door trouble?

  • A:  A loud bang when you are operating your garage door.
  • B:  A weird squealing that is totally uncharacteristic of your garage door.
  • C:  A weird creaking noise whenever your garage door opens.
  • D:  All of the above.
  • E:  Your garage door signing you to sleep at night.

If you answered E, it might be time to lay off the LSD.  If you answered A – C, you’re not too familiar with garage door issues; and if you answered D, you’re right!  Any of those can be considered the first sign of garage door trouble, which is a very serious thing.

Why should I care about the first sign of garage door trouble?

The first sign of trouble could mean a couple of different things–  First, it could mean that something bigger is on the horizon in terms of garage door issues.  Example:  A loud bang when oeprating your garage door could mean that something is seriously wrong with your garage door opener, and issue that could easily lead to a very costly repair down the road.  Creaking noises when the garage door is opening could be indicative of an issue with your garage door springs.  Any number of things could be the cause.

So what should I do and why?

The key is, though, to take care of these issues as they come up.  A bang may mean something is out of place that could be easily fixed, but if it’s allowed to progress into something crazy, that means more money spent on repairs.  Calling us in when it’s just a bang could save you money.

Basically, the best thing to do as soon as something seems amiss is to call us so that we can take care of the issue right away.

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