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Garage door springs have in common?

garage door springs

When you think of tires and garage door springs, you probably don’t think they’re very alike.  We don’t blame you, because in reality, they’re not.  (In fact, in imaginary land they’re not either, unless you’re a truly abstract artist.)

I’m told this is supposed to be a Rhino staring me down.

I digress.  So, if these two items don’t have much in common, then what do they have in common, if anything!?

The last time you went to replace a single tire, someone likely told you that you should replace other tires in addition to the one in question because they all have similar wear patterns, and you’ll end up at the tire shop again very soon if you don’t.

Garage Door Springs are very similar in that, when one breaks, the other will likely follow since they serve the same purpose, and they’ve likely warn down the same amount.

So, moral of the story?  I don’t understand abstract art. . .  And you should replace garage door springs together!

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