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Three Tips For Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenace

Tip One

Examine the door in its entirety. You will want to open and shut the door to ensure that it is square. Then you will want to close the door and inspect the mechanical parts. Make sure that the rails that the door rollers are on are not bent and that their aren’t any loose screws. Then you need to inspect the cables to ensure that they are not frayed, too loose, or too tight. After that, you will want to look at the rollers themselves. You will want to examine them and see if they are starting to pop out of the door and that they roll smoothly on the rails. Call a garage door serviceman if you find any of these problems.

garage door tip 1

Tip Two

Clean out any dirt or grime that you see in the door’s track. The dirt can cause parts to become dislodged, plus they absorb water which increases oxidation. Use a shop towel or a a rag and wipe out any large particles of dirt. Then in order to get any stubborn grime removed, you should use a degreaser or detergent along with water.

garage door tip 2

Tip Three

Now that you have cleaned the garage door, you will want to oil the moving parts. While you can use regular oil such as WD40, it is best to use a penetrating oil instead. The reason is that this kind of oil breaks down rust, which will destroy the mechanical parts in the door such as the cables and rollers. Spray the rollers, track, and cables liberally with the penetrating oil while opening and closing the door. This will help keep your garage door running smoothly throughout the year

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