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The World’s Best Garage Sale

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The beginning of the year marks for a new chance to start fresh and de-clutter your home of all the old, outdated belongings that have been lurking around for years. However, we as humans have a hard time parting with our possessions, as they can represent a sentimental feeling ogr memory of a time that we cherish. It is hard to let go even though our things are just things. But really the memories are with us, attached to our hearts and our brains, not the physical objects themselves. Things can break, be replaced or even thrown out, but our memories last a lifetime.

If you are in need of a good de-cluttering, a good way to do so is by giving your things away or, even better, selling them! What nicer way to make money and clean up the garage than to have a garage sale, and not just any ol’ garage sale, but the worlds best!

Start by promoting your garage sale well in advance on social media sites. List what kind of items you will be selling, for example antiques, furniture, glassware and clothes. In this case less is not more, use descriptive words and note all of the date and location details. Word of mouth is another great way to spread the “word”. You may find that a few of your friends want to join you with their items, which could only make your sale better.

A couple of days before your garage sale, create stand out signs with bright colors and bold letters that will make an impact on all those who drive by. Place the signs around the block leading to your sale, but make sure the arrows are pointing in the right direction. You wouldn’t want to lead a bunch of eager buyers to your neighbor’s garage sale!

You need to keep your eye on design when it comes to organizing your sale.  Group similar objects together and think about how you’re displaying each group. You should stand back on the street and look at your things through the eyes of a buyer. Rearrange your items so your sale looks as inviting as possible. Also, instead of putting your clothes on a blue tarp on the grass or in a brown cardboard box, try hanging them on a portable clothes rack like in a department store. That way browsing through your “racks” gives the buyers a feeling of being a customer and not just someone who is rummaging through someone else’s old smelly things.

If it’s a hot day, don’t forget to keep the shoppers happy. Providing a cool refreshment like lemonade, it will encourage your customers to stay a bit longer if they are hydrated and happy!

Finally, pricing each item is a shortcut to success. Nothing turns shoppers away faster then having to ask, “how much is this” every time they pick something up. Label each item with an easy to read price label. Be aware that some browsers aren’t just looking to spend a buck at your sale, they also want to bargain and negotiate with you. Be ready to lower the prices on some of your items by 10 to 20 %. Also make an end of the day half-off sale on the items that were not so popular – like that moose-butt umbrella stand that nobody wants.

With these handy tips, you’ll be sure to get your neighbors talking about the world’s best garage sale for years to come!

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