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Guide To Garage Door Safety

Staten Island Garage Door Safety

Garage door injuries are not uncommon. You would generally be hearing about one or the other garage door injuries every day. While a malfunctioning doors can be termed as the problem for these issues, your carelessness and delay in getting a malfunctioning garage door repaired can also not be overlooked. This is the reason why we always suggest you to make sure that your garage door is always in good condition. Otherwise, you would have to pay more for the medical bill than your garage door repair. Did you know that over 33,000 people need to be admitted to the hospital emergency room every year because of garage door accidents? If not, then get ready to take control. We are now introducing the thinking man’s guide to a safer garage door. Follow these tips for great results.]

• Your garage door opener should be protected like a front door key- many people are quite careless about their garage door remote and believe that simply throwing it somewhere inside the car or their living room would be enough. Always keep this garage door opener with you and in a safe place. Never believe that there won’t be any burglars around who would take keen interest in stealing your garage door remote to break into your house.
• Always buy a garage door opener with a reversing system- learn to change with time and don’t ever think about keeping a door opener that does not have a reversing function. Since 1993, all garage door openers are required to have a reversing system installed in them. Though it is quite unlikely that your door opener doesn’t have a reversing feature yet, you must definitely check out the possibilities of failure and buy a new one with better technology as soon as possible.
• Educating children is a must – children can not only cause garage door accidents but can also be trapped or hurt when these accidents occur. Therefore, educating the children about the safe usage of a garage door opener is a must. Always make sure that they know how to operate and reverse the door in case of any mishaps and make sure that they play around with the opener.
• Get regular inspections- you must ideally be getting a garage door inspection completed every 6 months. It helps in making sure that any problems with the door are diagnosed before any mishaps occur.

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