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The ABCs of Garage Door Openers

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A screw drive system uses a steel drive screw, which is engaged with the car directly. In this screw drive garage door opener system, maintenance is not usually required and it does not need additional lubrication, and it also provides the best in power and speed.

Automatic garage door openers are usually manufactured for performance. When you get a garage door opener from us, installed alongside a new garage door, you get one powerful system that will keep you happy for years to come. Automatic openers feature a wide variety of power levels and specified to handle different specs of different garage doors. Every opener comes with standard functions that are in-built for the ultimate in safety, power and convenience. We also offer the full range of accessories to complement your home garage door system.

Today’s garage door openers can be connected to your smart phone or laptop computer so you can control your garage door from anywhere in the world. That means if someone accidentally leaves the door open, your phone can alert you immediately – and then close it for you.

There is also a belt-drive system of garage door openers which allows for smooth operation and helps in the utmost performance. It brings more power and a much quieter operation to the gable, making it stand out from the pack!

Once your garage door opener develops a fault, there is always a way to fix it. First, finding out what the problem is and then going about to fix it. If it has to do with some loose screws, you just have to loosen them and re-arrange them and finally tighten them together. But if it has to do with the door adjusting, then the door has to be serviced professionally.

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