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Which Opener is Best?


So, you are on the hunt for a new garage door opener. You’ve realized that there are different types of openers and now you need figure out which one is best for your needs. There are 4 main types of garage door openers, but for most residential homes only two will be used. These are the belt drive opener and the chain drive opener. Let us explain the difference for you.

The chain drive and belt drive operate in the exact same way. They are housed in the middle of the garage on the ceiling and they pull the door up to open. The only difference between the two drives is that one uses a belt and one uses a chain to do the actual lifting and lowering of the door. So, with that being said the biggest difference between them is the amount of sound they produce. A belt drive is much quieter than the chain drive but is also a bit more expensive. We typically recommend the belt drive because even though it might cost you a bit more it will be worth it not to hear it loudly every time it operates.

If you are looking to have a new opener installed we would more than happy to help!

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