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Garage safety

Garage Door – Garage safety

Garage safety is a pretty broad topic but a very important one in all aspects. The door itself has a lot of safety measures built in to make sure the door doesn’t fall. We recommend, along with the manufacturers to have the safety mechanisms checked every 6 months. This regular checking will make it so that you can catch any potential issues right away and take care of them.

Another aspect to  safety is to actually keep your garage door closed at all times unless you are in the process of actually moving your car in or out of the garage. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that if you leave your door open when you aren’t physically in the garage it makes it a really easy target for people to steal from the garage. People have actually started stealing garage door clickers out of people’s cars so that they can later come back and open the garage to get inside. The other main reason is that most people don’t lock the door from the garage into their home which makes it a huge problem for potential break ins. It is never worth putting yourself at risk to save a few extra seconds to wait for the garage door to open back up. So, even if you are just quickly running into your house to grab something you forgot please still close the garage door behind you.

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