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Types of garage door openers

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When buying a new garage door opener, homeowners can be confused about what type to buy especially when they have no idea about the variety of garage door openers offered in the market. Having a little background knowledge on each type can be very helpful in making the right choice.

There are 4 types of garage door openers, namely:

Chain Drive

This is the most common type used; this type uses a metal chain to attach the garage door to the opener motor. Once the motor is triggered, it pulls the door open or close.

Belt Drive

This type operates on the same principles as the chain drive but is considerably quieter than the former.

Screw Drive

Instead of using metal chains or belts, this type utilizes a long screw-like bar. When the motor is started the rotation pulls the screw back to open the door or pushes it forward to close it.

Computer-Controlled Systems

The most expensive among all other types; this uses an electronic unit placed directly above the garage door. Once a signal is received, it initiates the motors found on the door itself to perform the necessary action.


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