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Garage door types

Staten Island Garage Doors – Garage door types

There are four basic types of garage doors, namely: Roll up, Swing out, Tilt up, or they may slide to the side. If you want a more elegant and classical touch to your home, you can opt for the swing out carriage-house doors. But the downside to this type of door is when winter comes up; you have to make sure to clear the snow/ice on the ground outside so that the doors can swing open. Otherwise, the widely used type by homeowners these days is the sectional roll up door. Don’t let appearance fool you though; there are some garage doors that are made to look like carriage house doors but are in fact single-panel doors constructed to look like the traditional swing-out doors.

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Another type of door is the Tilt up door; you might need extra space for the door to travel through – one example of this is known as a tilt up canopy door, once the door tilts outside, there is a portion of it that protrudes out of the garage thus making a “canopy”. However, if you don’t want your ceiling to be obstructed (which can be used as storage space) you can choose sliding garage doors since it just slides to the side, you do not need “opening space” as you would if you choose a tilt up or swing out door but like all everything else this type of door has a downside: preparation and installation costs are higher than most of the other types. That is why; it very important to decide on the perfect type that best suits your home.

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