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A garage door is a heavy machine. Yet a garage door goes up and down, rising and falling as easily as an opera house curtain. A garage door is heavy, a garage door must be hoisted, a job which relies upon many pulleys and levers, on brute strength. Mechanical strength. In order for a garage door to be raised with such facility, the garage door needs a garage door opener. Garage door openers are helpful to everyone, but they are especially important to those who have reached the early winters of their lives. For those whose bodies have begun to betray them — a twinge in the hands, an exhausted exhalation at the top of the staircase — a garage door opener is a literal life saver. With every push of the button, a garage door opener keeps a senior citizen safer, healthier, and independent.There are those who make do. There are senior citizens who daily struggle with their older model garage doors, as vintage and experienced as they themselves are. The struggle is real, but the struggle is unnecessary. There’s a better way. A solution exists. For any child, grandchild, neighbor, or friend who has worried that the garage door is too big a burden for their senior to bear, a garage door opener is the answer, a way to rest easier. No senior citizen should have to struggle to heft the garage door open and closed, up and down, again and again, 2 or 3 times a day. A garage door opener is peace of mind, the missing piece of the puzzle. The payoff is invaluable.A garage door opener doesn’t cost that much, and any senior will tell you that they practically pay for themselves, as daily struggle is slowly replaced by safety, the ease and efficiency provided by an electronic garage door opener is a comfort that can not be guaranteed otherwise.

I need more space in my garage!

Garage Door Space

I want my garage door to be less noisy!

Garage Door Noisy

Well tell it to be less noisy!  Wait, that rarely works.  Well, first you have to ask yourself, why is it being noisy?  There are three reasons for garage doors to make noise, and likewise, 3 fixes:

  1. The springs are squeaking excessively – This could mean they’re worn out, or could just need some maintenance; both of which kind of require a call to a qualified spring technician.
  2. The opener is loud! – Solution: upgrade your noisy chain drive garage door opener to a belt drive opener and learn about the greatness that is relatively quiet garage door openers.
  3. It sounds like someone’s banging around the dark – This means something is seriously wrong and it’s only a matter of time before you have a serious issue on your hands.  Call a qualified professional immediately!

Tis the Season

Garage Door 24 Hrs

Top 3 reasons garage door windows!

Garage Door Windows

A lot of people have windows on their garage doors, but not everyone has the sense to get their obscured in some way.  Here are the top 3 reasons why it is imperative to have your garage door windows obscured:

  1. To keep your garage secure. If thieves can see into your garage, they have a menu of what they’d like to steal. Don’t give thieves a menu!
  2. To have some privacy.  We don’t want to say you’re doing inappropriate things in your garage, but you still don’t want people looking in there while you’re working.
  3. To make your home look better.  If there’s a hodgepodge of stuff in your garage, open windows will show it all, and it will look like a mess.

There are different options for your windows, such as smoking, tinting, and blacking out–  All excellent options to keep you safe!

Our Business Hours

Garage Door Services 24/7

What sort of business hours do you expect for a garage door repair company to keep?  We don’t have a traditional brick and mortar store for you to walk into, so there’s no way for you to actually see our business hours.

That said, we ask again, what do you expect them to be?

Most expect us to always be open in case you need garage door services at

the drop of the hat at any time.

And if that’s what you expect from us, we don’t think you’re selfish–  We think you’re right!  And guess what, because we agree on the sort of hours a garage door company should keep, those are our hours!  We are always open to serve you!

And if that’s what you expect from us, we don’t think you’re selfish–  We think you’re right!  And guess what, because we agree on the sort of hours a garage door company should keep, those are our hours!  We are always open to serve you!

garage door repair services 24 hrs in staten island ny

Garage door spring just broke

Garage Door Springs Broke

This is a common problem;  in fact, garage door spring services are the most common garage door repair that we take care of.  That said, we’ve actually had people call us up and say something like:  “So, my garage door spring just broke.  What do I do?”

Our response?  “Relax, and we’ll be right over.”  Of course, after you’ve relaxed you’ll be talking to one of our garage door spring technicians that will guide you through the process.  To help prepare you, here is something you can expect:  Our technician will likely recommend replacing both springs (Unless one was just recently replaced).  This isn’t a ploy to drum up business–  This is actually to your benefit.  Springs around the same age will fail around the same time, so if you opt for just one spring this time around, you’ll probably be calling us soon.  Rather than deal with the headache of setting up another replacement and paying for the springs separately, we just recommend from the start replacing the pair so you can save time and money in the long run!

After that, you can expect to be satisfied with our service!

Garage Door Springs Broke

What to do about the first strange sound

Garage Door Service in Staten Island NY

When your garage door starts making weird noises, it’s kind of like when your brakes first start squealing.  It’s not some sound you should disregard–  In the case of brakes, it’s actually a built in system that lets you know it’s time to get your brakes changed.

Your garage door is not that clever, but at the first strange sounds, you can definitely tell something is wrong, and that something is usually pretty minor.  So if you call us out to fix whatever minor ailment has befallen your garage door, you can “nip it in the bud” before it turns into some major repair.

What to do about the first strange sound

From our Inbox

Staten Island Garage Door Mail

I wanted to share with you something that I feel is kind of special, and definitely personal. Not only do I want to share this because I’m proud of it, but because they said I could / should! Here’s an Email I got from a customer recently:

“I am so happy with the job you did!! I thought this was going to be a ginormous headache but it was actually a quick and easy day when I had my springs fixed by your guys!!! Anyway, I wanted to say that you could put that on your testimonial page!”

Maybe we’ll be updating our testimonial page soon!

From our Inbox

Time for an Upgrade?

Garage Door Upgrade

When was the last time you thought about upgrading your garage door? If you are like most people the thought may have never crossed your mind. We suggest you think about it, especially if your door is more than 10 years old or you are looking to increase the value of your entire home.

The garage door is one of the first things people see when they look at your home and it can add or detract from the curb appeal dramatically. That is why we would highly recommend an upgrade to your door if it has been on the home a while. You would be surprised how much of a difference it really can make!

Upgrade garage doors

Staten Island Garage Doors

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