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How we show you we care

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Most people feel like the company they deal with for anything doesn’t care about them at all.  Similarly, most people feel like all they are to a company is just another invoice, or receipt, etc.

We don’t want our customers to feel that way, which is why we go above and beyond for our customers every day!  How do we do that?  By offering same day service.  Most companies schedule you in for when is most convenient for them, however, we know that your time is valuable, and if you’re calling us now, chances are, you need help right now.  Rather than put you off and treat you like just another job that needs to get done, we decide to help you that day, often very soon after you call, because we care about you, and we care about fixing your garage door.

Isn’t that how a company should feel about it’s customers?  We think so, which is how we show you that we care!

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Replace both springs?

Staten Island Garage Door Replace both springs

Has one of your garage door springs started slacking on the job? If your door is opening or closing unevenly it is usually because one of the springs is starting to lose its tension. This can become a very dangerous situation if not taken care of quickly.

A broken garage door spring can snap suddenly causing the entire door to fall. We don’t want this to happen. So now the question is do you have to replace both springs. We highly recommend it. It may not be a “necessity” at the moment but the springs are usually the same age with the same usage so if one is on its way out the other one probably is too. So instead of having a technician out twice in the span of a few months just go ahead and replace both springs at once!

Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door

Upgrade Garage Door in Staten Island

Is your garage door starting to look older? With how prominent your garage door is to your home or business it is important that your garage door looks nice and is a positive reflection. If your garage door starts to look too old, even if it works fine, it can give people the impression that your entire home or business is run down. Obviously, this is probably not the case at all but first impressions are huge.

So, don’t let your run down garage door be the first impression have of your home or business. Some easy ways you can upgrade your door without replacing it are as follow:

Paint the door
Add decorative elements like hinges
Add windows to the door

What are some ways you’ve upgraded the look of your garage door?

Important to Garage Safety

Garage Door Safety

The garage doors are highly unsafe, especially for children. There are different security problems associated with the use of garage doors. There have been numerous incidents witnessed so far where the children have got seriously injured while using the garage doors. It is really important to find a way out to solve this safety problem. As a house owner if you too are experiencing such problems and finding it tough to control, then stop worrying because there is help available. Sensor beams is a very useful safety device in this respect.

Storage garage doors in staten island

It is believed to be an intelligent device that will help you to address this safety issue. You can call the expert in your area and get the device set up on the garage door. But before that you need to be aware of the various aspects of sensor beams- their workings and benefits so that you make sure that you have got the correct equipment installed in your house.

The sensor beam is a motion detector device that has been developed and designed to enhance the safety while using the garage doors. The device makes use of infrared light for the purpose. It is placed near the door of the garage. The motion detector device works smartly. Whenever any kind of object blocks the infrared beam at the time of closing the door, then the sensor beam will react intelligently to prevent any kind of injuries during incidents especially in the case of small children.

garage door openers services in staten island ny

The sensors will then cause the garage door to rise back once again so that the object can be allowed to pass through the door. In this manner the object i.e. any person can easily enter and leave the garage area safely at any point of time. This whole mechanism can be really helpful to resolve the safety issue concerning the children of small ages. This safety device for garage doors doesn’t come at an expensive cost. It is available at a reasonable cost in the market and it’s quite is easy to get installed. The expert will come and install the safety device quickly. After it has been set up, you can be completely rest assured about the safety of children while moving in and out of the garage door. Overall, the sensor beam is a complete solution for your safety issues and important to garage safety.

garage doors children

Are you ready?

Garage Doors In Staten Island

Christmas is upon us! With that comes family and fun. But it also means that you need to be extra careful that your garage door is working. With so many people in and out and around the door it is of the utmost importance that nothing at all should go wrong with your garage door. If it were to snap and fall it would be absolutely disastrous. Luckily nowadays there are so many safety measures in place to ensure the door doesn’t just drop, but if your garage door is more than 10 years old it may not have these features. It is always smart to have your garage door checked out at least twice a year…and right now is the perfect time…before all the family gets there later this week!

Christmas Garage Doors

NEVER Store in Your Garage

Garage Door Repair In Staten Island

Your garage is a perfect place for storing those things, right? Maybe not. Before you store things in your garage you need to consider what the item is, how you are going to store it, and where you are going to put it.

Your garage is a special environment. While it is enclosed and usually dry, It is not a closed off climate controlled place. Pests can get into your garage and temperatures and humidity levels can change. There are some things that you should not store in your garage.

First, you should never store food items in your garage. Food attracts a variety of pests that you just don’t want living amongst your things.

Second, you should never store wine, paints, or other temperature sensitive items in your garage. These items should be stored in environments that have an element of climate control so they retain their quality.

Finally, you should never store electronic items like computers or televisions in your garage. These items are subject to damage caused by changes in humidity. They should be stored inside where the temperature and humidity levels are more controlled.

garage doors staten island ny

For the items that you do store in your garage, you want to be conscious of how you are storing them.All fabric items like towels, linens, coats, and other clothing should be stored in closed plastic containers. Fabric items make great nesting places for pests, like mice. Keeping these items in the proper containers will protect them from critters.

In addition, you want to store as many items as you can on shelves, hooks, or in drawers. Keeping items off the floor will keep your garage looking neater and more organized and you will protect them from water damage if your garage leaks during a rain storm.

Your garage is a nice place to store things that you don’t use often or just need to keep out of the way. However, it is important to protect your things. Be mindful of items that could attract pests or be damaged by temperature or humidity changes. To protect the things that you do store in your garage, be sure to keep things off the floor by using shelving, hooks, and drawers.

Reasons for getting a belt drive opener

Garage Door Openers In Staten Island

When your garage door opener goes out, you’re often faced with a dilemma:  Should you go with the same style of opener you had before, or should you take this opportunity to upgrade to a more current style of opener?  (Of course, if you’ve upgraded in the past, this doesn’t apply to you, and you should never downgrade.)  Well, considering that the vast majority of homeowners currently have a chain drive opener when they should have a belt drive, here are a few reasons why you should upgrade to a belt drive opener:

  • More modern style shows that you can stay hep with the times.
  • Reduced sound output makes for a more pleasurable garage door experience.
  • Increased reliability and serviceability as it’s a more modern piece of technological wonder.

I could come up with more, but really, the first is all you need. 😉

garage door openers in Staten island


Garage Door Sensor In Staten Island

When it happened to Angel in 2014, they thought that it could never happen again. The Caledonia family assumed it was a fluke, a freak accident that saw their beloved family pet caught beneath the concrete driveway and the automatic garage door, an accident which ultimately crushed the cat to death. “Just a bad thing that happened and we didn’t expect it would happen again,” Carol Caledonia told local reporters at the time. In their town of 350 residents, even a cat’s untimely death could make headlines. Angel’s death fueled the local news cycle for weeks, as think pieces on the safety of automatic garage doors proliferated.

staten island garage door cat

Now the Caledonias are making headlines again, because yet another family cat has succumbed to the garage door of their home, meeting its death because the garage door sensors failed to sense the cat slinking low along the ground. “You don’t think about it. You push a button and you don’t expect that pushing a button is going to kill your cat,” Carol Caledonia said. Strange though it may seem, the incidents have been traumatic for the family, whose members can’t help but blame themselves for what happened first to Angel and then to Piper, the most recent victim of their automatic garage door. This time around, the family has decided to sharing their story, in the hopes that sharing what happened to them can prevent another family from experiencing a similar loss. After taking pains to educate themselves at the local garage door manufacturer and retailer, the Caledonias say that some real and simple changes could protect your pets.

An expert told the family that the problem was the height of their garage door sensors. Sensors detect motion or obstructions in the path of the garage door, which signal it to stop closing or to reverse its course, preventing injury. These sensors work best when set at 8 inches or lower. The Staten Island garage door was likely set too high, and so they weren’t able to save Piper.

garage door cat

Windows on your garage

Garage Door Windows In Staten Island

A really quick and easy way to add some personality to your garage door is to have some windows installed. If you already have a sectional garage door this process will be very quick and easy. If not, we can still get it done the same day you call it might just take a little longer. We really like and encourage you to have windows installed on your garage door. Windows not only add some personality to your garage they also allow a lot of natural light into your garage which can save money and energy since you won’t have to use the light inside the garage as often. If you are interested in installing garage door windows give Garage Doors a call today.

garage door windows in staten island

Why choose a sectional garage door?

Sectional Garage Door

There are different styles of garage doors, but our preferred basic garage door is the sectional garage door. The sectional garage door is the easiest and least expensive type of garage door to repair, if you have a problem with one of the sections we can remove just that one section and replace it. This type of door is also light and easy for the garage door opener to move. If you are in the market for a sectional garage door Staten Island Garage Doors can help.

Sectional Garage Door

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