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Guide To Garage Door Safety

Staten Island Garage Door Safety

Garage door injuries are not uncommon. You would generally be hearing about one or the other garage door injuries every day. While a malfunctioning doors can be termed as the problem for these issues, your carelessness and delay in getting a malfunctioning garage door repaired can also not be overlooked. This is the reason why we always suggest you to make sure that your garage door is always in good condition. Otherwise, you would have to pay more for the medical bill than your garage door repair. Did you know that over 33,000 people need to be admitted to the hospital emergency room every year because of garage door accidents? If not, then get ready to take control. We are now introducing the thinking man’s guide to a safer garage door. Follow these tips for great results.]

• Your garage door opener should be protected like a front door key- many people are quite careless about their garage door remote and believe that simply throwing it somewhere inside the car or their living room would be enough. Always keep this garage door opener with you and in a safe place. Never believe that there won’t be any burglars around who would take keen interest in stealing your garage door remote to break into your house.
• Always buy a garage door opener with a reversing system- learn to change with time and don’t ever think about keeping a door opener that does not have a reversing function. Since 1993, all garage door openers are required to have a reversing system installed in them. Though it is quite unlikely that your door opener doesn’t have a reversing feature yet, you must definitely check out the possibilities of failure and buy a new one with better technology as soon as possible.
• Educating children is a must – children can not only cause garage door accidents but can also be trapped or hurt when these accidents occur. Therefore, educating the children about the safe usage of a garage door opener is a must. Always make sure that they know how to operate and reverse the door in case of any mishaps and make sure that they play around with the opener.
• Get regular inspections- you must ideally be getting a garage door inspection completed every 6 months. It helps in making sure that any problems with the door are diagnosed before any mishaps occur.

 Garage Safety staten island

Sagging springs?

Garage Door Spring In Staten Island

When we say sagging springs you may have no idea what we are talking about. But if you have noticed that your garage door is not lifting and lowering evenly then you are probably suffering from sagging springs. This happens when one or both of your garage door springs starts to lose its tension and then it can’t hold the door as well. At first it may not be a huge problem, but over time it certainly can become one. If you leave the springs in this state eventually it can cause the spring to suddenly snap. If this happens it can cause a lot of damage and harm because the entire garage door will fall regardless of what or who is underneath it.

Moral of the story, if you notice your door isn’t operating evenly go ahead and have a garage door technician come out to check up on it!

garage door technician
Garage Door Technician

The Steel Protector

Garage Door Service In Staten Island

I’m always sad to watch them drive off, but I love the moment my sensors detect them approaching.  My lasers go off in excitement and my alarm light starts to blink rapidly as I watch them pull into the driveway.  With my new state-of-the-art glasses my eyesight is better than ever— insulated and weatherproof!  I have seen all types of vehicles, from smooth Chevy Impalas to Hondas and Harleys.  I keep the engines warm and protect them from the cold storms outside.

You can see my rust, wear and tear—but they take good care of me.  I’ve been here for decades now.  Whenever I get squeaky they know just how to fix me up.  They wipe over my tracks with a damp cloth to make sure I stay clean and running smoothly.  Sometimes I’m dangerous if I’m not working properly, that’s when a skilled technician will have to come in and give me a check up.  I can’t stand when they mess with my coiled springs, but I suppose it’s for the better.  Children have to watch out when getting their bikes, toys, and scooters out of here.  It’s always fun to watch them playing outside but I have to pay close attention to them and make sure they are safe.

I stay awake at all hours of the night, watching out for burglars.  I have an alarm system that keeps the bad guys out.  They have valuable items inside that I must protect.  I make sure no one comes on my turf uninvited.  I am strong and sturdy— one of the best brands on this block, no one can break me down!

The Steel Protector

secure your property with a gate

Staten Island Gate

A lot of people like the prospect of surrounding their home with an extra layer of security;  but once you install a beautiful fence / wall around your home, how are you supposed to get in and out of your home!?  You’re stuck!

Well, not if you install a gate, which is what most smart homeowners do.  In fact, we’re pretty sure all homeowners that are not criminals opt for a gate.

Now, we bring up the idea of a gate, because a lot of homeowners go through the effort of installing a fence, but then don’t opt for a gate to actually finish it–  While a fence can add a nice amount of aesthetic to your home, we still highly recommend making it a functional security piece too!  That’s why you should ask your garage door company if they deal in gates, too!


Spring Cleaning Tips

Garage Door Spring In Staten Island

Cleaning and organizing your garage is a very important thing to do. It will increase the function of your garage and make it a more enjoyable place. Here are a few garage organization tips to help get your spring-cleaning projects underway!

The first step is to remove all your smaller items from the garage. Sort them all into separate piles and determine where you would like to put them back –  either on  wall hooks, on a workbench or in storage bins. Also, make a pile of stuff you want to donate, or perhaps you may want to have a garage sell! The point is to de-clutter your garage while making proactive choices!

Next, store the items you would like to keep in clear plastic bins with easy-to-read labels posted on them. The bins create more space in your garage and should be stored in an easy, accessible area.  Hang bigger items like bikes and tools on heavy-duty wall hooks mounted to the ceilings or the walls. Also, install some new shelves. This will open up your garage and give your more room to work with.

Clean the garage floors with soapy water, a broom and a mop. Don’t forget to wipe down the walls and clean the cobwebs off the ceilings.

Celebrate Earth Day by disposing of hazardous materials that may be stored in your garage. Old paint, cleaning products, motor oil and all other hazardous material needs to be disposed of in an environmentally safe way. Check your local listings for programs that can help assist you.

During the winter months, the garage can become a catch-all from everything from garden equipment to holiday decorations. Don’t let your garage become the junk drawer of your house. As spring approaches give your garage some TLC with these easy to follow steps!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Organizing Your Garage!

How to do spring repairs the right way

Garage Door Spring Repairs

The last time you had your garage door springs replaced, did you do it the right way?  Well, to help you figure that out, here’s how to go about it the wrong way:

Your spring will break, which is a travesty.  You then call a company to come out and replace your spring; even though the company recommends replacing both, you only replace one.  (Or you chose a less than stellar company that didn’t even recommend replacing both since they weren’t looking out for your interests)  A short while later, the other spring breaks too, forcing you to make another call, having to wait for another replacement to be completed, and then ultimately paying more money.

Of course, that could have been avoided by doing it the right way, where you replace both springs at once, since they tend to break around the same time.

When do we close!?

Staten Island Garage Doors

When we first launched the website for Staten Island Garage Doors, we listed our business hours. We also had a not very attractive site, but that’s beside the point.

A long time ago, though, we decided to take down those business hours, because those no longer reflected the hours that we were open.

I know what you’re thinking: “Why didn’t you just update your hours with the new hours?”  Fantastic question!  Because then it would become redundant–  If every day simply said “Open,” that would look silly.

Did I just say we’re always open?  I did!  Because we are!  We are always here for you, no matter when you need garage door service!

garage door open in staten island

Is your garage door a death trap?

Garage Doors

Garage doors are massive, heavy contraptions that have the potential to wreak a lot of havoc when it comes to your family.  Kids, pets, the elderly, or even you are potentially in the path of a very dangerous mechanism that you rely on day in and day out.  So when it comes to ensuring that your garage door is actually operating safely, how can you be certain?

There are tests that can be performed by well trained professionals to help ensure that you’re safe, but you have to ask yourself. . .  When was the last time that you had these tests done?  When was the last time a professional signed off on your garage door, telling you that you and your family would be safe.  It’s entirely possible that you can’t remember this time, and if that’s the case, we’re sorry.

Of course, these sorts of tests are something that we offer, and it’s as simple as making sure that all of the components that ensure the safe operation of your garage door are working right.

Quickest way to boost home value?

Garage Door Quickest

Quick, tell me the quickest way to boost your home’s value!  Give up?  Go stand outside and take a long hard look at your home, and tell me what you see most of.  Usually, the garage door is what you see most, and if your garage door is outdated, worn down, or ugly, this will seriously detract from the value of your home.  So how do you quickly raise the value of your home?  Replacing / updating your garage door always does the trick, because it has such a dramatic effect on your home’s appearance.

This is something we offer, and something we do well–  If you need your garage door replaced, call us now!

Why do you want Rolling Code?

Garage Door Rolling Code

No seriously, why do you?  If you can’t answer that questions, I would argue that you don’t know enough about garage door openers and opener systems.

That’s okay–  We don’t expect our readers and customers to be experts, otherwise, they would have no need for us.  While we’re not against you being self sufficient, we still need to stay in business.  Anyway, why do you want rolling code opener technology?

Because rolling code means that crooks and catburglars can’t easily swoop in on the secret code to open your garage door, thus, it makes your home a nearly impenetrable fortress.

Well, at least from those high tech criminals that have the equipment to intercept that information.  That’s why you should have a garage door opener system that utilizes rolling code technology.  If you don’t, get it today!

Staten Island Garage Doors

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