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How to keep the garage organized

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Boy oh boy how quickly the garage can become a mess. You start by putting a few extra things out there and then before you know it the garage is so full of random stuff that you can’t even fit your car in there. If this is you, don’t worry there are a lot of different ways to store stuff in your garage while also keeping room for your car too. We like to install small rods into the side of the garage that you can stack bins on. This way you keep everything organized and off the floor.

organized garage doors

Is it time for a new garage door?

Staten Island New Garage Door

You may not want to deal with getting a new garage door, but if your garage door isn’t working right or is bringing down the curb appeal of your home it is probably time to get a new one. If you aren’t sure if your garage door can be repaired or actually needs to be replaced a technician can definitely assess the situation and tell what is best. Here at Staten Island Garage Doors we will always repair the door first if that will fix the problem. If it won’t, then a new garage door is in order. There are a ton of options on the market and we can help you find the best one to fit your needs.

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home value and garage door

Garage Door Staten Island

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between the value of your home and your garage door.  You may not have known that, especially if you have one of the few homes left in silicon valley that doesn’t look great!  So what gives?  Well, because your garage door takes up so much of the visual aspect of your home from the outside, when it’s ratty and rundown, your home will not appear as nice, making it appraise for less.

However, a clean and modern garage door can instantly transform the appearance of your home, which will dramatically increase the value.

Look into having your garage door updated / fixed if you’re looking to appraise soon to get the most home value possible!

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Our thoughts on this Screw Drive opener

Staten Island Garage Door Opener

We have had customers ask us our opinion on all sorts of different garage door openers, hoping that we would divulge which ones we think are great, and which we think are really crappy.

Of all the major brands, of course, none are crappy.  But, there is a garage door opener that we installed earlier today that we’re a big fan of–  It’s the Genie Excelerator II 1500, and it’s a marvel of modern engineering.

garage door opener in staten island

Here are a few of the features:

  • Screw Drive opener that is efficient, quiet, and strong.
  • 1 HP Motor with speeds of up to 12″ / sec.
  • Rolling Code Security Technology
  • Built in Safety Features
  • And much more!

Really just a garage door?

Garage Door Staten Island

Yes, your garage door is a garage door, but it is so much more than that. Your garage door functional completely as a door should, it goes up and down when you tell it to. But have you ever considered what else your garage door does for you?

Your garage door is what keeps your car and other belongings inside your garage and home safe from the outside world. So it is basically an awesome security guard on top of being a door. That is why you much make sure it is working right all the time, otherwise it is like you have a drunk security guard watching over your garage who might let someone slip in.

If you notice anything wrong with the door, give us a call right away! We don’t want a sloppy drunk garage door.

Really just a garage door

Don’t Wait!

Staten Island Garage Door

Have you been putting off taking care of your garage door until after the New Year because you spent so much money on the holidays? We can completely understand this logic and feeling, however, the longer you put off your garage door repairs the worse they will get and it may turn into a situation where your door stops working altogether and it becomes a garage door emergency.

If this happens we will still service your garage door for the same price as a regular scheduled repair, but it will really put you in a tough spot. It is never worth it to put off your repairs and services when it comes to your garage door, it is such a large piece of equipment that if it falls it can really put you in harms way.

Don’t Wait

Clean It Up! How To Organize Your Garage

Garage Door Clean

Summer is a high time for kids and families to plan out their whole vacation and activities which means garages are going to gain more importance during summers because all the relevant equipments, tools, toys, bikes, sporting, hiking and camping equipment is found in there.

But would not it bad if you go to your garage to get something but find yourself unable to do so due to the mess, and no organization in your garage? Hmm, too bad that you do not organize your garages but no worries because now you can, by following few simple steps;

Analyze and Prioritize

You need to go into your garage and have a look around then ask yourself what is the purpose behind having this garage in the first place; secondly, how would you like to utilize the given space optimally; further, prioritize your needs and wants associated with garages. When you want to organize garages then analyzing and prioritizing is always considered a first step to start off.

Clear out the space, throw out the junk

Yes, start with a clean slate, vacant your garage. There should not be one single thing, it is important to do so because thinking would become easier afterwards.

Group like items

Have a peek at your stuff which was in the garage previously. Now, start sorting similar items followed by grouping and placing them in garage after having considered priority based on the ease and need of quick access.

Get rid of unnecessary, unwanted stuff

You have to be really emotionless while executing this step; the aim behind this purging is to get rid of 50 percent of the stuff in your garage space. You can start this process by making 4 piles, keep, donate, trash and recycle then afterwards, start sorting items again based on these given categories.

Map out your space

Now is the time to check out your inventory in the garage then start mapping out different zones in the garage as now you know how much space is required by which stuff. Doing so would bring a lot of ease for you later on as keeping track of items would also become easier.

Arrange your supplies but in lesser space

Have a look at your organizational supplies and figure out ways through which you can store them without giving too much space. For instance, shovels, store rakes and brooms can be stored in large trash cans instead of keeping them laid on the floor.

Done with work zones now start labeling

Once you have made your work zones and also have organized your organizational supplies in accord to them then now it is the time to start labeling the work zones so you have an idea which item is in which work space and at what location.

Industrial and Commercials

Garage Door Commercial

Doors of industries and commercial establishments are heavy to operate. These doors are pulled either through belts or chains for opening and closing them. Industrial doors are designed to resolve the entrapment by incorporating reversing mechanism. It can be activated by a switch that senses an obstruction and reverses a closing garage door back to it’s open position. These switches require constant monitoring to work smoothly. The garage openers are prone to various malfunctions.

• Spare parts should be lubricated in all seasons for smooth functioning of industrial and commercials doors. The springs of these doors should be replaced and repaired by experts against accidents during opening and closing of them.

• If your commercial doors are activated with inexpensive cables, it get more complicated. It has to be tested by professionals for proper handling of their working systems in industries. These doors should be operated through an electrical switch system for its openings. This opening system comes with automatic openers which sense any object in the way of closing door. If anything breaks the beam, the closing door is automatically reversed, to prevent you from any injury.

• The heating and cooling system of your commercial doors should be checked against fire, theft and other major accidents. The doors and windows of your garage should be properly ventilated to protect against natural calamities and other security systems. The spares and doors openers should be properly insulated. You can save energy of your home door systems through installing spray-on foams depending on the size of your door.

• The walls of your garage system should not be too heavy to handle them. It should be insulated by experts to reduce the weight of your door against its maintenance during all seasons. Its spare parts like springs, bolts and nuts, opening system should be replaced by constant monitoring at regular intervals. It not only provides safety to your home but will also add comfort and enjoyment to your entire family.

• Carports should be spacious for your vehicle with greater level of protection. A fully designed garage adds to the value of your home with wise investment for the future. A garage can be used to store many items apart from keeping your vehicle safe.

Garage Door Commercial

Not just a garage door

Garage Doors Staten Island

It is so disrespectful to think of your garage door as just a door. Your garage door is so much more than that. It is a reliable hardworking servant and security guard basically.

Your garage door works over and over every single time you tell it to open or close, how many other things in life works so hard and diligently? Not only that, but it also acts as a guard between what is in your garage and the outside world. If your garage door is closing tightly then the likelihood anyone or anything will be able to break in is very slim, which means you and your family can sleep comfortably at night know that your car and belongings are safe inside your garage. So treat your garage door with respect, it has earned it!

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3 Tips to Easy Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door is a convenience many do not consider until it begins to malfunction. Problems with a and closing properly can be a real headache. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can do to keep your garage door in prime working order. Here are three excellent suggestions you should perform once a month.
1. Do a visual check – A quick visual inspection is all that is necessary. Start with a closed door and check all of the mechanical parts such as the springs, cables, rollers and the like. Look for signs of excessive wear or damage. Cables should be solid and not frayed in the least, and all mounting hardware should be snug and secure. If there is a visible issue or problem, make a note and contact a trained, insured service technician immediately.
2. Check the reversing mechanism – All openers after January 1, 1993 are required to have a reversing system and electronic eye sensor. These safety features prevent injury and entrapment from the door closing on a person, vehicle or other. If your system does not have these features, consider a replacement system.
Test by opening the door, and placing a piece of 2×4 wood on the floor where the door will touch the floor. Close the door. When the door strikes the wood, the door should immediately reverse and raise again. If the door does not raise, contact a service technician.
3. Check the photo eye – This is the second precautionary piece required on all garage doors. Open the door, and start to close it again. Pass an object, a broom head works well, across the eye.
The door should stop and reverse. Contact a service technician if this is not the case.
Doing each of these three tests will save you money and headaches later on. Remember: a garage door opener is a closed mechanical system and should only be opened by a qualified professional.

Easy Garage Door Maintenance

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

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