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Valentine’s Plans?

Staten Island Garage Doors Service 24 hrs

With Valentine’s Day being on a Saturday this year you really have no excuse to ignore your garage door. Doing some basic maintenance checks will literally take you 10-15 mins but can save you tons of time and money in the long run. In a lot of cases you can lubricate the hinges and springs on your garage door and it will work like a champ all year long.

But if you don’t take the time to do these basic checks and services on the door it can wear down much more quickly and cost you a decent amount of money in repairs. That is why you should not neglect the garage door just because you don’t notice anything wrong with it. When you notice something wrong it is usually too late for an easy fix. So save yourself the hassle of timely and costly repairs and check that door out frequently!

Staten Island Garage Doors Service 24 hrs

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Important procedure with each service

Staten Island Important procedure

Part of what we do with each garage door service we perform is something that is of the utmost important for any homeowner–  While we’re at it, we always take a moment to inspect your garage door, opener, and all of the components to ensure that they’re not only operating properly, but that they’re also not on the verge of needing repair.

An example of this is your cables–  We often take a chance to inspect these any time we’re out to make sure that they aren’t frayed, worn, and on the verge of destruction; otherwise, some danger could be lurking that you don’t even know about.  Of course, we don’t just fix it when this happens–  Instead, we take a moment to tell you about it so that you can determine what course of action you would like to take.

That’s not all that’s included for free with all services, but it’s just another way that we go above and beyond for you.

Staten Island Important procedure

leave Garage door repair to the pros!!!

Garage door repair to the pros

There has been a recent trend in homeowners engaging in DIY projects. Most of the time a home DIY repair can save you time and money. However, there are some repairs that you should leave up to the professionals. A garage door repair project is definitely one of them!

A garage door is one of the heaviest moving objects in your home. It has several complex and moving parts that, if not handled by a seasoned professional, could be very dangerous and even life threatening.

Only skilled professionals know how to handle the repairs or replacement of a garage door. It is very important that every component is correctly installed. If not, one small mistake with any of the pieces could cause the door to fall off track – and onto the family car.

If you attempt a DIY repair you may buy the wrong parts and spend more time trying to figure out how to install them than if you had called a professional to handle it.

When trying to tackle a DIY job like this, you’re risking injury to yourself and possibly even death. Every year people are hurt from garage door accidents, either by being struck by a falling door or by being trapped underneath one.

Don’t get trapped underneath your garage door!

Hire a professional and get it done right the first time! Save time and money with a trusted garage door repair company.

Garage door repair to the pros

Why we love Clopay

Garage Door Clopay

When you are looking for a new garage door or opener it is crucial to find a manufacturer that you can trust. A garage door is something that should last you at least a solid decade, and if you are getting a product from some smaller brand there might be no guarantee of how long the door will last. With a manufacturer like Clopay you can absolutely rest assured that your garage door will last a very long time and they offer warranties to prove that they trust their product! They will put their money where their mouth is.

Why we love Clopay

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Why do you need to test your garage door?

Garage Door Test

A lot of people don’t know this, but there are very specific, and very necessary garage door tests that must be performed regularly to ensure that your garage door not only operates properly, but also doesn’t become a killing machine.

Well, really only one test serves this purpose, but it’s ultra important–  Force and reversing tests are what keep your garage door from becoming a homicidal maniac–  By ensuring that your garage door will reverse it’s course with minimal force acted on it, your garage door will spare whatever is in it’s path, whether it’s your family, your pets, or even your classic car that wasn’t pulled all the way into the garage.

Garage Door Test

Why Choose Frosted Garage Door Windows?

Frosted Garage Door Windows

Do you own a garage door with windows?  Most people do–  In fact, I personally can’t remember the last time I was out on a call and saw either a one piece door, or a windowless door.  Let’s take this a step further, though–How many times have you seen a window on a garage door that is not obscured in some way?  Probably not often, because most people have the sense enough to have their windows frosted, or tinted, or obscured in some way.

Why is that?  Because it deters burglars since they can’t see into your garage to see what you have; it also grants you a level of privacy for whatever your needs are inside your garage.

Your garage is a part of your home, so why not treat it like it is?

Frosted Garage Door Windows

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Springs in pairs?

Garage Door Spring in pairs

I suggested to a customer recently that they needed to replace both of their garage door springs this time around, because one had broken.   They laughed on the phone and said that I was out to get their money.

Out to get their money?  If I was, I wouldn’t actually recommend that.

Generally speaking, if you have to replace one of your springs, you’ll have to replace the other very soon. . .  That’s a completely separate service with it’s own separate charges and on top of that, you’ll have to buy each spring individually.

. . .  Or, you could save yourself the hassle, money, and time, and replace them both at once.

I’m looking out for you!

Springs in pairs?

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satisfaction guarantee

Garage Doors satisfaction guarantee

We live in the year 2014, which is not necessarily the year of broken promises, but it’s worth mentioning that people break a lot of promises.

However, we like to do things different.  Even though other companies don’t guarantee your satisfaction, or maybe they say they do, but really don’t, we choose to be a real stand up company by sticking by this.

What does that mean for you?  Well, we guarantee that the level of service that we give you will meet or exceed your expectations, and if you’re not happy with our services, then we won’t stop until you are!  It’s another way that we choose to go above and beyond for you!

garage doors satisfaction guarantee

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Why we are Different!

Garage Doors Service In Staten Island

From reading that title you must be wondering how any garage door company is any different than any other. You would be surprised at how much we differ from our competitors. The first thing that differentiates us is our same day and emergency garage door services that we will never charge extra for. You will never have to wait to be “fit” into our schedule, we will work around you to the absolute best of our abilities. The next thing that makes us stand out is our professionalism and exceptional work standard. We treat every single job as if it is our own garage door; meaning we will do the best possible job on the service no matter what it is because we are holding ourselves to a very high standard. So many garage door companies in the area will not give you such great service at such affordable prices. Try us out and if you aren’t happy we’ll be surprised.

Why we are Different

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Garage Door Break

For weeks, the news has been riddled with a variety of stories like this one. Either a homeowner realizes too late that his garage door opener remote is missing, or they wake up to find that a prowler used a stolen garage door opener to break into her home while she and her family slept. It’s the former scenario that was reported recently in Denver, Colorado, where one woman noticed that her garage door opener remote was missing most likely very soon after it was stolen.

“The next day my husband goes, ‘Honey, where is the garage door opener? Did you take it out of the car?’ I said, ‘No. It should be where we keep it in the car’ and he said, ‘Well, it’s not there,’” Bonnie Robinson told the Denver reporter on the scene. Bonnie was able to change the garage door opener remote before its thieves returned to ransack her home. She was lucky. Others have fallen victim to home break-ins and robberies that would never have happened were it not for someone casually leaving their garage door opener remote in plain sight in an unlocked car (or stashed away in the glove compartment, for that matter).

Many homeowners are even purchasing all new garage door opening systems as a safeguard against theft. If your garage door opener was manufactured before 2003, the local Denver Fox affiliate reports, thieves don’t even need the garage door opener remote to break in. With those older models of garage door openers, they just intercept the radio signal that the garage door opener transmits with a device called a code grabber.

“We had to adapt the industry to fit the crime,” said Mario Riggio with Overhead Door Company of Denver. Newer garage door openers use rolling codes that change every time you use them. “4.3 billion codes before it will ever repeat itself,” said Riggio.


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