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Which Opener is Best?


So, you are on the hunt for a new garage door opener. You’ve realized that there are different types of openers and now you need figure out which one is best for your needs. There are 4 main types of garage door openers, but for most residential homes only two will be used. These are the belt drive opener and the chain drive opener. Let us explain the difference for you.

The chain drive and belt drive operate in the exact same way. They are housed in the middle of the garage on the ceiling and they pull the door up to open. The only difference between the two drives is that one uses a belt and one uses a chain to do the actual lifting and lowering of the door. So, with that being said the biggest difference between them is the amount of sound they produce. A belt drive is much quieter than the chain drive but is also a bit more expensive. We typically recommend the belt drive because even though it might cost you a bit more it will be worth it not to hear it loudly every time it operates.

If you are looking to have a new opener installed we would more than happy to help!

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Although many people view mice as the adorable animals and heroes that they are (Mickey & Minnie? Mighty Mouse anyone?), there are far more people who view them as disgusting pests that must be eradicated at all costs. Growing up in the rural South, I looked on more than once as my dad chased field mice out of our two-car garage with a broom (killing them in the process more often than not). I also had the misfortune of finding little mice dead in a trap that had done its job too well, and too soon. However, though mice seem harmless, their presence in your living space — including the garage — can sometimes cause health and emotional problems for human dwellers. Left to their own devices, mice make nests in wall insulation, gnaw through electrical wiring, and are highly unsanitary.

If you suspect that you have mice dwelling in your garage and you want them out, now, there are a multitude of ways to get rid of them, most of them inhumane. According to, for example, “You can lay traps with taut springs to snap off their heads, or lay poison…If you are serious about getting rid of mice in your garage, you will need live mousetraps, mouse repellent spray, cheese or peanut butter, a dog who hates critters, or a hungry cat. You might try hot pepper sauce, laundry detergent, caulk, garden sprayers, patching compound, scrap wood, or an ultrasonic mouse repellent.”

You might also try not harming another living thing, instead. The tried and true trap and release method is more kind to the animals and less dangerous for kids to boot. Another relatively easy way to get rid of the mice causing you so much distress is to un-clutter your garage. Mice are incredibly playful and love to climb, hide in dark corners, and nest in soft things. If you clean up your act in the garage — store everything in plastic — odds are your mice problem will solve itself.

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Halloween Time!

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We don’t know about you but here at Staten Island Garage Doors Halloween is one of our favorite holiday’s. We love decorating and the best part of all…all the candy!

But we also care about safety. Halloween is a very important night to make sure you keep everything as safe as possible because there are always so many kids out and about. Not to mention all the animals that might be running around as well. Which means if you are going to open or close your garage door at all you want to make double sure that there is nothing underneath the door as it operates. Now is also the perfect time to have a technician out to make sure the door is working right and all of the safety features are in good working order as well. There is a specific part called the photoelectric eyes that are the sensors for anything that might be moving under the door during operation and that indicate to the door to stop and re open. If these sensors are broken the door will not know to stop and will continue to close. As you can imagine this can be a huge safety issue.

So, don’t risk any accidents on Halloween, or any other day. Have a professional come out to take a look at the entire system to make sure no one will be getting hurt



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Technological progress is a process of trial and error. Just as cars were once made without seat belts and airplanes didn’t always have windows, garage door openers for sale in 2015 now commonly include safety features and technology that at one time were not standard. It’s unpleasant to think about, but in the early days of mechanized garage doors (mechanized garage door openers became mainstream in the 1950s) accidents and injuries, especially those involving children, were far too common. In order to reverse that trend, the industry responded by standardizing certain features that would make garage door openers safer for public consumption.
One of these features is the inclusion of exterior lights when the garage door opener is installed. These are solar powered and motion activated lights mounted outside your garage door. When you’re inside, these lights can alert you to someone or something lurking around your garage door; they also make it a lot less creepy to arrive home in the dark late at night, particularly if your house stands alone at the end of a long driveway shaded by trees that block out the light from the yellow harvest moon.
Garage door openers also now come standard with safety sensors that prevent the garage door from closing if they sense an obstruction. These safety sensors function like the watchful eyes of a parent, preventing pets, the elderly, careless children, and their bicycles from being crushed by a closing door with no technology to stop it. Any object that triggers the sensor, a beam of infrared light that stretches from one side of the door to the other, will cause the garage door to reverse course automatically.
The increased peace of mind such features provide can not be underestimated, especially when we look to history to consider the alternative.


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Since the beginning of time, or at least since garages have been in existence, people have been embarrassed of the mess inside. One Wisconsin resident felt so strongly about the mess inside her own garage — and so admiring and envious of the beautifully organized garages of her neighbors — that she decided to put pen to paper and then go in search of a soapbox. That soapbox was the Op-Ed vertical of, a Gannett media company serving the Appleton and Fox Cities communities of Wisconsin and all the cheerful Packers fans that reside therein.

Terri Auchter is a resident of Neenah, Wisconsin, and she had this to say about the lengths her neighbors go to to shame her own home’s garage by comparison: “Some garages have curtains over the garage window. Some of these garages not only have the walls painted but the floor, too. There are metal hangers on the walls so the lawn chairs can be hung up. Some have overhead devices to hold bicycles and canoes from the ceiling. Ladders and rakes and snow shovels are neatly positioned and hung along the sides of the garage.”

Auchter claims that inside her home she and her husband are very tidy, and that she hates clutter inside the house. But she also admits that hubby has a habit of shopping compulsively, and that in the garage he keeps stores of bug spray, caulking material, paint, and “whatever else catches his eye at the local hardware store” all over the floor “next to where he parks his car.”

Despite Auchter’s fifteen-years long battle to contain the clutter, her garage remains a constant source of mild irritation.

Instead of curtains, the windows of her own garage are adorned with spider webs. Flower pots with dirt in them lay on their sides, and piles of old silk flowers wait forlornly to be planted. They may have to wait another fifteen years.

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If your garage door opener is past its prime and you’re in need of a replacement, there are many things to consider before you commit to a new one. Should you install it yourself or hire a professional? Will it have the latest safety and security features? Will it have batter back up in case of a power outage or emergency? How much should you pay? Brand name or lesser known brand? Will the garage door opener be covered by warrantee? How big is your door, and what kind of garage door opener will accommodate it? Each of these questions is worth considering. However, the first feature you’ll want to to pay attention to is the kind of drive your prefer.
It’s likely that your garage door will go up and down several times each day, and it’s worth keeping that in mind when you pick out a type of drive. A garage door opener will either be a chain, a belt, or a screw system. The difference between each one comes down to price and noise level. Chain-drive garage door openers are the oldest style, and still the most popular due to their generally good price value, and despite the fact that they are usually very noisy.
On the other hand, a belt drive garage door opener is the same as a chain drive opener except that they use a rubber belt instead of a chain, making them the quietest type of garage door opener available. Although a rubber belt opener is also the most expensive option, many homeowners prefer them — especially if they are underneath a bedroom or otherwise adjacent to a room where the constant clanging of the garage door opener chain won’t be appreciated. Then again, some home owners like that the noise the garage door opener makes will alert them to the comings and goings in the house.
Lastly, screw drive openers are slightly more costly, but also the easiest to install yourself. Another benefit of screw drive openers is that they require very little maintenance because they have so few moving parts

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Howling winds, flying furniture, trees bent over in the wind, nearly snapping in half, heavy rains pounding down on the windows of your home — the sights and sounds of a home in the midst of a hurricane are familiar to us, thanks to frequent storm coverage. If you live in a part of the country where storms of this magnitude are common, you’ve most likely already thought about hurricane preparedness. But have you considered whether the largest barrier to your home — the garage door — is prepared to withstand the power of the hurricane?

Is your garage door ready?

Hurricane season is already upon us, with the heaviest storms on both the Atlantic coast and in the Pacific Northeast occurring in late summer and early fall. If hurricanes are a yearly threat to your region, now is the time to assess whether your garage door will help or hinder your hurricane safety and preparedness measures.

Typically, there are two ways to assess and reinforce the strength of your home’s garage door. The first thing you might do is add bracing to the existing garage door. Retrofitting the existing garage door with bracing will make it better able to withstand the high winds that can wreak havoc on your home and neighborhood during a hurricane. Reinforcing the door’s strength in this way is especially necessary for doublewide garage doors, which are not known to be great for holding up to strong wind. In fact, you may want to consider replacing a doublewide garage door with a new, hurricane-resistant door. Installing a whole new garage door is an option available to all homeowners who are concerned about their door’s integrity.

The National Hurricane Center is a great resource for hurricane preparedness, including information about retrofitting your garage door. A professional garage technician or installer can recommend hurricane-resistant garage doors in a variety of styles, for a range of budgets.

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Garage Floor

Staten Island Garage Door Installation

If you’re in the process of remodeling or updating your home garage, the time to select a new floor will arrive eventually. There are a lot of options for types of garage floors — you may go with a mat covering, a coating of epoxy floor paint, or garage floor tiles. Tile garage floors have become a popular choice for garage owners because they’re easy to install and to remove, and they can be layered over stained or cracked original concrete garage floors. To install garage tiles you simply snap them into place. Garage tiles also appear to the design savvy, because they can be installed in a pattern (checkerboard is a popular design) and come in a variety of colors and textures. Garage floor tiles are typically 12 x 12 or 24 x 24 inch squares and typically start at $2.50 per square foot.

Rigid plastic garage floor tiles are strong enough to support cars and car jacks, and tough enough to withstand the chemicals, oils, grease, and other materials that are typical in a garage setting. Rigid plastic floor tiles also offer a unique aesthetic. The best rigid garage floor tiles are made of PVC, usually about a quarter inch thick. Some high end models feature a metal tread surface.

Flexible garage floor tiles are available in a variety of colors, patterns, profiles, and materials. Like rigid plastic garage floor tiles, flexible floor tiles are super easy to install, but unlike rigid plastic tiles, flexible garage floor tiles can be much easier to stand on or walk on for long periods of time. Within the flexible tile category, you may choose either rubber or plastic. Flexible PVC tiles are great for typical garage use; rubber plastic tiles are easy to clean, which makes them good to have around work spaces, but they may not be durable enough to use underneath cars.

The kind of garage floor you choose depends on your personal needs, both your plans for the space and your design concept.

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Garage safety

Garage Door – Garage safety

Garage safety is a pretty broad topic but a very important one in all aspects. The door itself has a lot of safety measures built in to make sure the door doesn’t fall. We recommend, along with the manufacturers to have the safety mechanisms checked every 6 months. This regular checking will make it so that you can catch any potential issues right away and take care of them.

Another aspect to  safety is to actually keep your garage door closed at all times unless you are in the process of actually moving your car in or out of the garage. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that if you leave your door open when you aren’t physically in the garage it makes it a really easy target for people to steal from the garage. People have actually started stealing garage door clickers out of people’s cars so that they can later come back and open the garage to get inside. The other main reason is that most people don’t lock the door from the garage into their home which makes it a huge problem for potential break ins. It is never worth putting yourself at risk to save a few extra seconds to wait for the garage door to open back up. So, even if you are just quickly running into your house to grab something you forgot please still close the garage door behind you.

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Garage Safety Features

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Since an automatic garage door is frequently the largest moving object in the house, it’s more important than ever to make sure your door’s safety features are working properly. Unfortunately, although garages have become much more safe over the years, accidents with Garage Doors are not uncommon. Thousands of people each year report injuries from garage door malfunctions that may have been caught in time with more routine maintenance and inspections.
In today’s garage doors, safety features are now the standard. One of these features is the automatic reversal system which has been required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission since 1991. This feature is what makes your garage door automatically reverse course if it senses something blocking its path. Still, the springs and openers that make this feature work can wear out with use, so you should check periodically that the feature is working. Test the system yourself by placing something in the path of the door. When the door senses or touches the object, it should immediately reverse directions and open back up again.
The infrared motion detector is another modern safety feature for automatic garage doors. It’s a sensor usually located near the ground, on either the left or right side of the door. This sensor will also cause the door to stop and reverse motion if it catches something in its sights.
Another important safety feature is arguably the most important of them all — or of any in your home. The emergency manual release for your door is a red cord that disconnects the garage door from the opening mechanism when pulled. You’ll need this feature if the door malfunctions during a power outage, if someone is trapped, or if the electrical components of your opener malfunction and affect the door’s movements.
Each of these important features should all be checked regularly to insure that they’re all ready to do the job they’re meant to.

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