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Reverse Safety Checks

When was the last time you had the emergency safety features checked on your garage door? These features are important to have checked at a minimum once a year. You can run the test yourself, but it still best to have a professional from a garage door company out to check on the door to make sure it is in proper working order. These technicians are trained and know exactly what to look for to ensure the safety and functionality of your garage door.


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Garage Doors Service

If your garage door stops working you may think you can wait and have it fixed later. We would definitely not recommend this. A lot of break ins happen because garage doors are broken making it easier for people to enter the premise. It can also be a huge hassle to your everyday life if you have to manually open and close the door every time you need to use it. We believe in getting your door repaired right away, we offer our emergency and same day garage door services for not additional charge to make sure you aren’t put out by a broken garage door.

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Reverse Safety Tests Are Necessary

Staten Island Garage Door Safety, New York

The force and reverse safety tests are necessary for the safety  of the owners, the visitors, and the property itself. A certain force is required for a garage door to reverse after a light beam or light beams of the photoelectric sensors catches or catch an obstruction placed between under the garage door and above the garage floor. The said tests should be done to test the effectiveness of the photoelectric sensor and the force adjustment. They have been required by the United States of America’s law since 1982. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also recommends the said requirement. There were actually garage doors having only a stop mechanism and not a reversing mechanism before the said year. The said commission suggests the using of a two by four piece of wood or a two – inch piece of block during the said tests which for the commission should be done monthly. A licensed garage technician should best deal. However, you may do a few actions of adjusting the things that need to be easily adjusted. A user’s manual is always provided every time you purchase items related to these tests.

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Garage Door Storm Proofing

Staten Island Garage Doors – Garage Door Storm Proofing

When your home is located in an area where storms and hurricanes pass through, it is practical and considered important to storm proof your garage door especially when it is made from a light material such as fiberglass. Here are a few things to do to storm proof your garage door.

Garage doors are usually the ones that are affected first when storms and hurricanes come. If the door gets damaged, your home or garage’s security is threatened since strong winds will force the roof to be torn and other damages ensue. You can protect your garage door by having it braced. Protect the windows as well since strong winds can carry things that may smash against your windows so it is wise to install some protections such as grills on your windows or you can go for shutters.  One important thing, when installing a garage door is to make sure that each part is fastened well and the material holds it down since storms and hurricanes will send things flying.

Types of garage door openers

Staten Island Garage Door Openers


When buying a new garage door opener, homeowners can be confused about what type to buy especially when they have no idea about the variety of garage door openers offered in the market. Having a little background knowledge on each type can be very helpful in making the right choice.

There are 4 types of garage door openers, namely:

Chain Drive

This is the most common type used; this type uses a metal chain to attach the garage door to the opener motor. Once the motor is triggered, it pulls the door open or close.

Belt Drive

This type operates on the same principles as the chain drive but is considerably quieter than the former.

Screw Drive

Instead of using metal chains or belts, this type utilizes a long screw-like bar. When the motor is started the rotation pulls the screw back to open the door or pushes it forward to close it.

Computer-Controlled Systems

The most expensive among all other types; this uses an electronic unit placed directly above the garage door. Once a signal is received, it initiates the motors found on the door itself to perform the necessary action.


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Staten Island Commercial garage doors

Commercial garage doors need to be always in good shape to also maintain the health of the business and not disturb the normal process for it to succeed. Staten Island Garage Doors offer the best garage door brands as well as the brands of the garage door parts so that the cost for a commercial garage door is totally worth it. Choose Staten Island Garage Doors as your one stop garage door service company to attend to your garage door needs from garage door repair to garage door opener services! They always do the job well. But there are really times when problems come in our business such as those related to our garage door. Never worry, Staten Island Garage Doors offer services for commercial garage door and they’d gladly fix the problem right away so that your business could return to its smooth flow immediately.

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Garage door Safety Reminders

Garage Doors Staten Island New York

Do you have a newly installed garage door, planning to get one installed, or just simply want to read about household safety measures? Well, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Here are a few garage door safety reminders for both children and adults alike.

  1. Keep your garage door in check; it needs to be maintained properly to ensure that it is operating safely. We recommend an annual maintenance check by a trained technician but there are also a few simple safety checks you can perform yourself.
  2. When the garage door is not functioning properly and you’ve already tried fixing the little problems yourself but still couldn’t get it to work, call a trained service technician. Remember, your garage door is electrically operated and therefore could cause electrocution and lead to injuries that are fatal if mishandled.
  3. In the event that you accidentally backed into your garage door (being busy and in a constant hurry and all), call a trained technician to have a look at it. Though it may look physically OK, there is still a chance that your operating system might have been misaligned which could lead to further accidents.
  4. Always keep an eye while opening and closing your garage door until is fully opened or closed. Be sure that no one tries to enter or exit while it is still moving.
  5. Keep away from a moving garage door. Don’t try to sneak in by racing under while the garage door is still in motion.

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Garage door types

Staten Island Garage Doors – Garage door types

There are four basic types of garage doors, namely: Roll up, Swing out, Tilt up, or they may slide to the side. If you want a more elegant and classical touch to your home, you can opt for the swing out carriage-house doors. But the downside to this type of door is when winter comes up; you have to make sure to clear the snow/ice on the ground outside so that the doors can swing open. Otherwise, the widely used type by homeowners these days is the sectional roll up door. Don’t let appearance fool you though; there are some garage doors that are made to look like carriage house doors but are in fact single-panel doors constructed to look like the traditional swing-out doors.

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Another type of door is the Tilt up door; you might need extra space for the door to travel through – one example of this is known as a tilt up canopy door, once the door tilts outside, there is a portion of it that protrudes out of the garage thus making a “canopy”. However, if you don’t want your ceiling to be obstructed (which can be used as storage space) you can choose sliding garage doors since it just slides to the side, you do not need “opening space” as you would if you choose a tilt up or swing out door but like all everything else this type of door has a downside: preparation and installation costs are higher than most of the other types. That is why; it very important to decide on the perfect type that best suits your home.


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This week we would like to discuss another top name in garage door manufactures: Clopay. Clopay has been making doors for almost 50 years. They are the only manufacturer to offer Energy Star qualified steel and fiberglass doors. Clopay truly offers the best in their products and services. They offer many different designs to accommodate not only your tastes but your wallet as well.

We would highly recommend getting a Clopay garage door when you install a new door on your home or business.

Spring Repair


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We thought since we were talking about the great qualities of Liftmaster last time that we would give the other great manufacturers a shout out as well. Today, we will talk about Amarr.

Amarr has been around since 1951 so you can be assured that they know what they are doing. They take their business seriously and they believe in producing only the best quality garage door products. You can find Amarr doors at all local and national hardware stores, so you can always go in and see what it will look like before deciding on it.

We love working with Amarr’s products and would highly recommend them to everyone looking for a new garage door.

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