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Is it me or the garage?

Staten Island Garage Doors | Is it me or the garage?

When you start to notice things going awry with your garage door you might start to think that you are crazy. Sometimes the door will open or close on its own, or it won’t open when you tell it to. Maybe it opens part way and then just closes again.

If you notice anything off with your garage door it is the door, not you! Please call a garage door repair company to come out and take a look at the door at the first sign of trouble. The problem is only going to escalate if you leave it alone. Some garage door problems, like broken springs, can be very dangerous.

The garage door won’t hide problems from you, so when you notice things not working right it is definitely time to call someone in! Don’t wait until it’s too late, get a garage door technician out there right away.

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My garage door is acting funny

Staten Island Garage Door repairs company

Most people have no idea what to do when they’re garage door starts acting up–  That’s not surprising…  The majority of homeowners are not garage door repair technicians;  in fact, I would wager that only a tiny percentage of homeowners are technicians.

That said, we don’t expect you to know what to do when your garage door acts up, but here’s what you should do:  Call a professional garage door repair company like Staten Island Garage Doors.  Here’s why:  If your garage door has just started acting weird, we can come out and fix the minor issue before it turns into a major / catastrophic issue.  This will end up saving you time and money in the long run.

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What you’re paying for

Garage Door Staten Island NY

A lot of garage door repairs seem rather easy, which makes customers think that they shouldn’t be paying so much for the repair.  Really, though, the repair is only a major part of what you’re paying for–  You’re also paying for the expertise that comes with your garage door repair technician.

See, these repairs and services look easy because an expertly training garage door repair technician is taking care of them;  you’re paying for a service by a professional, who knows what to do, how to do it, and has the tools necessary to do it.


Someone should invent this:

Staten Island Garage Doors

Are you a programmer of some sort?  Well, if so, I’m about to give you a billion dollar idea!*

Are you ready for it?  Open indication monitor app for your phone.


I’ll let that sink in.

“But Staten Island Garage Door guy, what does that mean?  Why do I want that lol?”

Think about it.  If you’re leaving your home, and you forget to close your garage door–  That means you’ve left your home unsecured, especially if you leave the door from your garage to your home unlocked like many do.  This is a dangerous situation.

What if your phone alerted you about this before you get too far from your home so you can turn around and fix it?  Or, better yet, what if your phone gave you the option to close it.  This sounds like a fantastic idea!  Someone get on this!

*Maybe not billion, but at least million!

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Repairing Garage Doors Springs

Repairing Garage Doors Springs Staten Island

A lot of people think they will be able to repair their garage door when something goes wrong. In some cases they might be able to, but in the case of the springs you should never even attempt to do anything with them. Garage door torsion springs hold an intense amount of pressure that could cause the heavy garage door to fall with a ton of force onto whatever is under it. Please don’t put your life at risk, let the experts at Staten Island Garage Doors do what they do best. We have years of experiences in garage door spring services. Call us today

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Cold air your garage?

Staten Island Garage Door Services

Now that winter is ascending upon us it is time to think about ways to keep your homes warmer. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you have a well insulated garage door. Most people don’t realize how much air can come into the garage from outside and then into your home. Making it much harder to keep the temperature warmer. However, if your garage door is well insulated then it will really help keep the air in the garage at a more comfortable level keeping the air in your home more temperate. We recommend having insulation installed before it get too cold.

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Do I Need Open Indication Monitors?

Staten Island Garage Door Service

You spent a long day working on your garage–  It’s one of those sorts of days that just won’t end in terms of chores.  You go inside, cook yourself a nice dinner;  you watch some TV, and then go to bed.

The next morning you realize that you left your garage door open all night.  Nothing is missing from your garage or home, luckily, but you still left yourself vulnerable.

“How can I avoid this?” you may ask.  Well, the answer is simple:  Have an open indication monitor installed on your garage door.  This handy device will alert you of the status of your garage door, so rather than go to bed with your home exposed to the world, you get a friendly reminder telling you to go and secure your home.

Every garage door should have one of these installed!

Staying safe in your home

Staten Island Garage Doors | Staying safe in your home

One of the easiest ways to keep your home safe is to make sure you keep all of your garage door locked. This includes the door leading from your garage into your home. Most people don’t even think about it, but if you accidentally leave your garage door open you are now leaving your home open. We also recommend having an open indication monitor installed that will alert you when any of the doors on your home are left open. There are so many little things you can do to help ensure that your home will stay safe!

Frosted garage door windows

Garage Door Staten Island

Have you ever noticed that some people have lovely windows on their garage door? If so, and you would like some to be installed on your door but are worried about security, don’t fear!

Garage door manufacturers realized when they started designing garage doors with windows that security could be an issue and they decided to make all of the windows have a frost on them. This allows the light to come into the garage but keeps prying eyes from seeing in from the outside.

So, if you want to upgrade your garage door and add windows give Staten Island Garage Doors a call today!

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Same day repairs and service

Staten Island Garage Doors Repair

It really doesn’t matter why your garage door has stopped working, what really matters is that you need it repaired right away. A lot of garage door companies don’t put themselves in the consumers shoes and realize that a broken garage door is such a huge hassle to their everyday life. Most companies will schedule for a later time at their convenience. Staten Island Garage Doors knows how crucial it is to your normal life to get the door fixed right away and will absolutely have someone out the very same day you call to repair the door. Call us now!

Staten Island Garage Doors

Staten Island Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

With a lot of choices for garage door repairs in Staten Island, why risk making the wrong decision? Staten Island Garage Doors technicians have decades of collective experience, and an industry leading Satisfaction Guarantee. Call us now for more information! (888) 326 - 7164

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