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Most common garage door repair

Garage Door Repair Company In Staten Island

If it deals with garage doors and repairs we’ve seen it all. No matter what problem you are having with your garage door we have a solution. Most of the time we can easily repair whatever is ailing the door, however, in some cases we will recommend replacing the entire garage door or system.

We don’t believe in telling you to pay for something you don’t need, which is why if it is at all possible to repair the garage door we will do that. If you do need to replace it we will give you the best deals in town on all parts and services. We want to help you have a great looking and operating garage door.

The most common garage door repair we see is spring repair. If you need to repair or replace the springs on your garage door please call a professional and don’t attempt to do it yourself. Springs carry a lot of tension and can be very dangerous. Leave the hard work to those of us who’ve been dealing with it for years!

garage door repair company in staten island

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Does response time matter?

Garage Door in New York

I don’t know–  Does it?

When choosing a garage door repair company, most people don’t think about things like whether or not the company offers same day service, or what sort of response time they can get from the company.

Think of it like this, though:  What is your time worth?  What are your valuables worth?  If your car is stuck in the garage and you can’t get to work, and the company can’t come out for a day, why would you go with them?  You’re losing money!  If your garage door is stuck open, you have valuables in your garage, and the company you’re considering can’t come out for a few days, what is all of that worth to you if it were stolen?

When considering a garage door repair company, choosing one that offers same day service, and / or fast response times is always a good option, and should factor just as much as other ideas in your quest to find the best garage door company for the job.

garage door repair compamy in staten island

Horsepower My Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

You may be wondering if your garage door opener has enough oomph to open your garage door. The unit of power used to open the door is referred to as horse power. There are four common motor sizes for garage doors, a 1/3 horsepower motor, a ½ horsepower motor, a ¾ horsepower motor, and a 1 horsepower motor.

The biggest considerations when choosing the correct size motor for your garage door opener is the size and weight of the door. Larger and heavier doors require openers with more horsepower. Getting the smallest motor that will lift your garage door will save electricity.

The smallest garage door openers have a 1/3 horsepower motor. These openers will open a single car garage door 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall or a double car garage door (made from lighter materials). The most popular garage door openers have a ½ horsepower motor. These garage door openers will lift wood or insulated two car garage doors up to 16 by 8.

For heavier garage doors or for more durability and longer lasting motor, a garage door opener with a ¾ horsepower motor is probably the best. These openers will lift even larger garage doors. For very heavier garage doors a garage door opener with a 1 horsepower motor will provide maximum power and efficiency.  You can put a larger garage door opener than what is necessary on your garage door, however make sure that you have the settings right to prevent damaging the door.

Regardless of the size of the motor you get most garage doors lift the door at a rate of 7 inches per second, but you can purchase garage door openers that open the door slightly faster. If you know how big your garage door is, you can select a garage door opener with the correct size motor.

Horsepower Does My Garage Door Opener Need

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Do I need a jackshaft garage door opener?

Garage Door Openers In Staten Island

Would you believe me if I told you that this is a common question: “Do I need a jackshaft opener?”

Well, if you did. . .  You shouldn’t.  It’s not a very common question, but just because it’s not common does not mean it never gets asked.  My usual response?  “Do you?”

A jackshaft garage door opener is a very specific type of garage door opener, and is really reserved for those sorts of applications where you need a lot of vertical clearance in your garage.  This could be due to a tall car, trying to store two cars vertically, or because of a very short garage.  Either way, if you have to ask, the chances are you don’t really need one.

And some people don’t believe us about storing cars vertically, but:

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How To Choose The Right Garage Door

Garage Door Service In Staten Island

When choosing your garage door it is important that you get it right first time otherwise it can be a very costly mistake.
Garage doors come in different shapes and styles and it is down to you to decide what type of door you would like and decide what the garage door is going to be used for. Are you going to use the garage security as a way of protecting high value items: do you want to add value to your house by having your garage door looking stylish; and would you like your door to be insulated/

Below are some simple questions that you need to ask yourself when it comes to choosing the right garage door.

  1. Color. What color do you want the garage door to be? Would you like the door to be the same color as your property or would you like the door to say a statement and stand out and be in a color that people will notice and help your property look more stylish.
  2. Insulation. Would you like to have your garage door insulated? If you garage door leads to the rest of your house then it would be a good idea with the energy bills today to have the doors on your garage insulated.
  3. Automation. Do you require an automated door? If you like gadgets then this could be for you. Automated doors are a bit more expensive than your average doors but they can be very beneficial, instead of getting out of your car to open your garage door, you can simply press a switch and your door will open for you.
  4. Windows. Would you like your garage door to have a window, if you are worried about security within your area then a window in your garage door is not a great idea.
    Once you have decided what type of door for your garage you would like, it is important that you get a qualified garage fitter on board so mistake do not happen and your doors are fitted properly.
How To Choose The Right Garage Door

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The ABCs of Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers In Staten Island

A screw drive system uses a steel drive screw, which is engaged with the car directly. In this screw drive garage door opener system, maintenance is not usually required and it does not need additional lubrication, and it also provides the best in power and speed.

Automatic garage door openers are usually manufactured for performance. When you get a garage door opener from us, installed alongside a new garage door, you get one powerful system that will keep you happy for years to come. Automatic openers feature a wide variety of power levels and specified to handle different specs of different garage doors. Every opener comes with standard functions that are in-built for the ultimate in safety, power and convenience. We also offer the full range of accessories to complement your home garage door system.

Today’s garage door openers can be connected to your smart phone or laptop computer so you can control your garage door from anywhere in the world. That means if someone accidentally leaves the door open, your phone can alert you immediately – and then close it for you.

There is also a belt-drive system of garage door openers which allows for smooth operation and helps in the utmost performance. It brings more power and a much quieter operation to the gable, making it stand out from the pack!

Once your garage door opener develops a fault, there is always a way to fix it. First, finding out what the problem is and then going about to fix it. If it has to do with some loose screws, you just have to loosen them and re-arrange them and finally tighten them together. But if it has to do with the door adjusting, then the door has to be serviced professionally.

garage door colors

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Garage Reveals Your Personality

Garage Door Service In Staten Island

It is said that the overall look and all the things seen in a room would easily reveal the personality of the person staying in it. Just like any room in your house, the garage also bears the same principle. Though you may have the cleanest living room, bedroom and most organized kitchen in the town, if your garage does not look the same like the other rooms in your house, it is revealing something unwanted in your personality. You may be seen as a person with a good personality in the outside but a bad one inside.

Well, that is not the personality that you would want to show to your friends and even your new found friends, right? Just like how you dress, how you wear clothes and how you carry them, these things will always reveal something about your personality. It is a way on how people get to know you or how they would make their first impression as soon as they saw you.

If you make your garage’s contents organized and properly cleaned at all time just like how you keep other rooms in your house, then people may see you as a person who does not want his or her things cluttered and messed up. People will see you as a person who would want to tidy up everything and want everything to be as organized as possible.

But if your garage is like a place where you just park your car and put all used belongings in boxes cluttered in one corner and tools placed in different areas, what do you think people would think about you? Yes, a person who does not care about the cleanliness of their surroundings. There are other things that people may think about you and keeping this messy garage may worsen the things that people think about you.  So, to change or maintain the way people think about you, it is best that you also pay attention to how your garage looks.

garage door repair in staten island

Emergency garage door repair

Garage Door Repair

If your garage door is acting funny or stops working, call Staten Island Garage Doors ASAP! A broken garage door is a lot more than just a nuisance, it is a safety hazard. An average garage door weighs over 150lbs and if that were to drop on you it could cause a lot of harm or even death. It is seriously not worth risking your life by waiting to call someone to repair your garage door. Please call right away and we will send someone out to do emergency garage door repairs for you. This service does not cost any more than a regularly scheduled repair because we know how important it is to keep you and your family safe.

Emergency garage door repair

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My garage door doesn’t open

Garage Door doesn’t Open

What do you do when you press your garage door clicker and it won’t open? For most people their initial thought would be to call a garage door company to repair the faulty opener. But, in a lot of cases you can actually fix the situation yourself. The first thing you should do is replace the battery in the garage door clicker to make sure it is working. If you put a new battery in and it still doesn’t work you will want to check the power source to your garage and garage door opener. Only after you have checked these things and found the door to still not open should you call a garage door repair company.

My garage door doesn’t open

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Emergency garage door service

Staten Island garage door service

We know how absolutely irritating and inconvenient it can be when your garage door breaks or stops working right. But did you know it can also be a safety hazard. Your garage door weighs at least 150lbs and if that were to fall on you or your car it would be a disaster. Not only that, but a broken garage door also leaves your car and home vulnerable to people looking to break in. It is never worth it to wait to have your garage door repaired, you should always call in a a garage door company that will do the repairs the very same day you call. Staten Island Garage Doors promises to provide same day services and emergency garage door repairs.

Emergency garage door service

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Staten Island Garage Doors

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With a lot of choices for garage door repairs in Staten Island, why risk making the wrong decision? Staten Island Garage Doors technicians have decades of collective experience, and an industry leading Satisfaction Guarantee. Call us now for more information! (888) 326 - 7164

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