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We’re here even on the coldest day

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As we all know Staten Island can get very very cold in the winter, and even on some of our most brutal days we are still here to help you with your garage door or gate. Some other companies will close down shop and go home when the weather is bad, but we completely understand that you still need our help even on these days. We are open literally 365 days a year come sun, rain, or snow. We are also available at any time of the day or night to get your door or gate back in great working order.

If your garage door or gate is in need of service please let us know, we promise to be there for you even when others aren’t.

Holiday Repairs

Staten Island Garage Door Repair – Holiday Repairs

It is that time of year again, when you will be having people over to celebrate. So it is important to make sure your garage door is working right before all the kids are there. You want to make sure that the door won’t cause any problems if the kids decide to play around the door (which they never should).

If you happen to run into any issues with your garage door on Christmas please don’t hesitate to call us. We don’t charge any additional fee to come out on Holiday’s because we understand how imperative it is to have a properly working garage door at all times. So, we’ll get someone to you the very same day you call, even on Christmas or New Years Day!!

What is HomeLink?

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There’s an awesome new feature available to you that you should really look into if you don’t have it already–  It’s called “HomeLink.”  Do you know what it is?

It’s a series of buttons that are installed in your car (Either at the factory or as an aftermarket option) that can be programmed to operate your garage door opener or gate.

So rather than have one of those clunky garage door opener remote controls that can be removed, stolen, lost, or broken, you have buttons that aren’t going anywhere, and are always there when you need them.  If you’d like more information on these, check them out on the HomeLink website.

And of course, we can program your garage door opener to talk to your HomeLink system as well!

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Keeping up on repairs

Staten Island Garage Door repairs

If your garage door is broken you should really take care of fixing it as soon as you possibly can. Your garage is the biggest entry into your home and most people don’t think about locking the door that leads from the garage into the house because they normally have the garage door keeping them safe. However, if your garage door is broken it can be an open invitation to people looking to break in because it will be easy for them to gain access into your garage and then into your home. So, if you notice anything off with the garage door please take the time to have someone come out and repair it before anything dangerous has a chance of happening.

What your garage door says about you

Staten Island Garage Door Repair, Opener & Installation

Have you ever noticed that homes can have a personality from the outside–  They can even have a face, of sorts.  Most of that is influenced by your garage door, which can say a lot about you.

Let’s say you have a busted up single piece garage door.  You probably come across as. . .  Shall we say, frugal, and not with the times.  You probably spend a lot of time on a palm pilot, and your oven has been broken for years.  You’ll fix it one day.

Let’s say you have a brand new, ultra modern, well insulated and maintained garage door.  What do you think that one says about the homeowner?

Replace or Repair Your Garage Door

Garage Door Repair

When was the last time you really thought about upgrading your garage door? If the door has started to break down and you are wondering if you should replace the whole door or just do repairs then you’ve come to the right place. If you call us when your door starts to act up we will send a technician out who will fully inspect the door and tell you the best course of action that will help you most. We want to keep your costs down so if at all possible we will recommend repairing the garage door, however, if in the long run it is going to be better for you to replace the door then we will suggest that. We will absolutely make the best decision for you!

Upgrading to Belt Drive

Garage Door Services

A belt drive opener is a marvel of modern engineering–  More so than the chain drive (standard) garage door opener.

Don’t get us wrong–  The garage door opener in general is probably one of the greatest inventions, however, the belt drive opener is just a little bit better.


Because it is much more quiet than it’s chain drive counterpart.  It also operates more smoothly, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing garage door opening and closing experience, as your door won’t be jerking around wildly during operation.

Everything about the belt drive opener is specially crafted to make your garage door experience a pleasant one, day in and day out.

Replacing your Springs (Part 2)

Staten Island Garage Door Spring

So last week I got a little sidetracked with my blog topic.  This week, we’ll talk about what sort of things you should look out for when you need your spring(s) replaced.

Mainly, I wanted to talk to you about how they should be replaced–  Single, or in pairs.  They rarely break one at a time, so you usually think to just replace the one that broke–  And if you’re dealing with a less than honest garage door spring company, they’ll be okay with that.

In reality, you should always replace them in pairs.  Here’s why:

  • They will usually break within a certain amount of time of each other, which means when one is gone, the other’s one it’s way.
  • You usually get a discount when you replace two springs at once.

We want what’s best for you, and two separate services where you’re paying full price each time is not what’s best for you–  That’s why we recommend replacing them in pairs!

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Replacing your Springs

Staten Island Garage Door Springs

When you’re faced with the difficult challenge of replacing your garage door springs–

Wait a minute.  It’s not a difficult challenge. . .   Garage Door Spring Replacement is not something you should do on your own, so you can just call a qualified garage door spring company (such as Staten Island Garage Doors) to come out and take care of the issue for you.  If you choose a quality company (like Staten Island Garage Doors), they’ll likely come out within the hour, have all the parts and tools necessary to take care of nearly any job, and the hardest part of your day is deciding what you’re going to do with all that time you just saved by making the right choice for garage door services.

. . .  When I set out to write this, it was going to be a slightly different topic, but I got sidetracked.  Maybe I’ll write about that next week.

Is it me or the garage?


When you start to notice things going awry with your garage door you might start to think that you are crazy. Sometimes the door will open or close on its own, or it won’t open when you tell it to. Maybe it opens part way and then just closes again.

If you notice anything off with your garage door it is the door, not you! Please call a garage door repair company to come out and take a look at the door at the first sign of trouble. The problem is only going to escalate if you leave it alone. Some garage door problems, like broken springs, can be very dangerous.

The garage door won’t hide problems from you, so when you notice things not working right it is definitely time to call someone in! Don’t wait until it’s too late, get a garage door technician out there right away.

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