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Sensors Beams Garage Safety

Staten Island Important to Garage Safety

The garage doors are highly unsafe, especially for children. There are different security problems associated with the use of garage doors. There have been numerous incidents witnessed so far where the children have got seriously injured while using the garage doors. It is really important to find a way out to solve this safety problem. As a house owner if you too are experiencing such problems and finding it tough to control, then stop worrying because there is help available. Sensor beams is a very useful safety device in this respect.

It is believed to be an intelligent device that will help you to address this safety issue. You can call the expert in your area and get the device set up on the garage door. But before that you need to be aware of the various aspects of sensor beams- their workings and benefits so that you make sure that you have got the correct equipment installed in your house.

The sensor beam is a motion detector device that has been developed and designed to enhance the safety while using the garage doors. The device makes use of infrared light for the purpose. It is placed near the door of the garage. The motion detector device works smartly. Whenever any kind of object blocks the infrared beam at the time of closing the door, then the sensor beam will react intelligently to prevent any kind of injuries during incidents especially in the case of small children.

The sensors will then cause the garage door to rise back once again so that the object can be allowed to pass through the door. In this manner the object i.e. any person can easily enter and leave the garage area safely at any point of time. This whole mechanism can be really helpful to resolve the safety issue concerning the children of small ages. This safety device for garage doors doesn’t come at an expensive cost. It is available at a reasonable cost in the market and it’s quite is easy to get installed. The expert will come and install the safety device quickly. After it has been set up, you can be completely rest assured about the safety of children while moving in and out of the garage door. Overall, the sensor beam is a complete solution for your safety issues and important to garage safety.

Sensors Beams Garage Safety

Chain Drive Openers

Garage Door Openers

Chain Drive Openers are the most common style of garage door opener–  Most people have them, unless they’ve made the choice to upgrade to a more modern style of garage door opener.  Here are some of the pros and cons of this style of garage door opener.


  • Economically priced
  • Relatively reliable
  • Is a garage door opener


  • Noisiest style of garage door opener
  • Dated technology means newer options may be more reliable.
  • May require more maintenance than other styles of garage door openers
  • Garage Door Opener-ophiles may recognize you as a penny pincher.

What style of opener do you have?  If you have a chain drive, and are happy, great!  If you’re not happy, maybe it’s time to upgrade. . .

Alternative to a new garage door

Staten Island New Garage Doors

Does your garage door have a massive issue, and do you think the only way to fix it is through a complete replacement of your garage door?  Well, I hope you’re not experiencing that, because that is not a good situation. . .

But if you are, just know that there’s a much more cost effective option for you!  Rather than pay the costly service call + cost of a new garage door, you can always ask your well trained repairman about the section replacement–  This alternative to a new garage door is a simple, relatively inexpensive procedure where only the offending portion of the garage door is replaced. . This makes for a much more pleasant experience that saves you and your pocketbook!

Advantages of an open indication monitor

Staten Island Garage Door open indication monitor

In this post, we plan on focusing on open indication monitors, an often overlooked garage door component.

What are they?

Open indication monitors are components of a garage door system that alert you when your garage door has been left open.  It’s a device that can make this information available to you any number of ways.

Why would I want one?

Your garage door is just that–  A door.  Most people seem to forget that.  If you leave the front door of your home open, you’re inviting a number of undesirable elements to come slinking in.  Same goes for when you leave your garage door open. . .  It’s not just burglars and looky-loos; you could also invite in pests and animals.  By having a device installed that reminds you if your garage door is open, this will help cut down on (and hopefully eliminate) the amount of time your garage door spends open and exposed to the world.

garage door system

extend the life of your springs!

Staten Island Garage Door Springs

Most homeowners desperately want to help with the maintenance or repair of their garage door–  I’m not sure why, but there’s just something about it that obviously appeals to them.  We don’t recommend most maintenance items since they’re very specific and she be left to the professionals; and we certainly don’t recommend any repairs since they’re almost all ridiculously dangerous, which would also be left to the professionals.

But you know what the eager homeowner can do?  They clean their springs.

Garage door springs collect a lot of dust, grime, and other stuff that can lead to premature failure.  By keeping up on the cleanliness of your springs, you can easily extend the life of them, thus making your life a lot nicer!

garage door

Don’t let your garage door pull a “Darth”

Garage Door Staten Island

What in the world is a “Darth”?  Well, it’s something you should never let your garage door do.

Vague?  Well, let’s see what Darth Vader did to Luke Skywalker:

Get the picture?  A lot of people have lost limbs, or more, by doing some DIY garage door repairs, something that we strongly advise against, and with good reason:  The most common thing for people to tackle themselves is spring replacement, but what they don’t realize is the immense amount of potential energy stored in their garage door springs.  If they aren’t taken care of properly, you can experience a potentially fatal injury.

There are somethings you can do yourselves.  For everything else, there’s a professional.

“Spring Cleaning”

Staten Island Garage Door Spring Cleaning

Has someone ever talked to you about spring cleaning, but meant it ridiculously literally?  What is “spring cleaning” literally meant to clean your springs.  Most people would have no idea what springs are being talked about, but not you!  You’re the smart and savvy homeowner who is interested in maintaining the life and integrity of your garage door springs.

You know that you should regularly clean your garage door springs as a simple method of DIY preventative maintenance to ensure that they last a long time to come.

You do know all of that, don’t you?  Well, if not, now you do–  Preventing a buildup of grime and junk will make your springs last!

Garage Door Windows

Staten Island Garage Door Windows

We had a customer tell us recently that they love making decisions that make them stand out.  That’s fine.  If that’s your bag, we can get behind that.  So when he was asking us to install a new garage door windows, he wanted completely clear garage door windows so that he would stand out.

Hold on.  What?  Clear windows on a garage door?!  That’s crazy talk.

So, we presented him with this short list of pros and cons for tinting your garage door windows.


  • More secure, since people can’t see in easily.
  • More private, see above.
  • More aesthetically pleasing, as it’s uniform.
  • Helps to keep temperature cool in the garage.


  • None.
garage door windows

Removing Rust

Staten Island Garage Door Removing Rust

If your garage door has started to rust there is no need to worry. The rust may look bad, and is not something that should be left there, but it can easily be removed. We recommend sanding the rusted area down until there is no more rust. Then you need to apply a sealant that will help keep the door from rusting again. Finally, you will just need to paint the area with an appropriate latex paint that matches the rest of the garage door. If you would prefer a professional take care of the rust removal for you, call Staten Island Garage Door Removing Rust

The value of section replacement

Staten Island replacement

Do you have children?  If so, I’m sure at some point they’ve done some level of damage to your garage door with a baseball, hockey puck, or something else.

Don’t have children?  Well, have you ever had just a portion of your garage door damaged, and didn’t want to pay to have a new garage door installed while simultaneously wanting that eyesore to be done with.

That’s where the value of garage door section replacement comes in.  Rather than have your entire sectional garage door replaced when one little problem comes up, you can have just the offending piece replaced!  It’s a much better option, and restores your garage door to all of it’s greatness!

garage door replaced

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