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Nothing goes better with a roll-up garage door than an automatic garage door opener. An automatic garage door opener is an electric system that assists with the raising and lowering of a garage door, particularly roll-up garage doors. Without an electric garage door opener system, garage doors must be raised and lowered manually each time you want to enter or leave your garage. An electronic garage door opener, by contrast, means that you can open and close your garage with just the touch of a button.

A typical garage door opener system includes both the hardware that does the heavy lifting and electronic accessories used to activate the system. Usually, a master control for the garage door will be mounted inside the garage, often near a home’s interior door. Oftentimes a second control is mounted outside the garage, on the exterior of the home. Rather than a button, the exterior garage door opener control will be a keypad into which homeowners can program a memorable code. This code, once entered, will trigger the garage door opener system to open or close the garage door.

A garage door opener system relies upon electrical power and radio signals. The mounted garage door openers send out a signal that instructs the garage door opener to either open or close the garage door. Handheld garage door opener accessories — such as a remote that you clip to your car visor or affix to your keychain — operate the same way. Just aim your garage door openers remote in the general direction of your garage door and it will open or close after only a few seconds.

Make Your Home a Hard Target for Thieves

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When you leave your home you probably want to leave knowing that it is as secure as you can possibly make it. You want to feel like you’ve done all you can to keep your family and belongings safe. We have some advice on how to make your home a hard target for thieves.

One of the biggest factors in making your home a harder target is to make sure everything is securely closed and locked. Make sure all of your windows are closed and all of your doors are not only closed but that all of the locks are actually working. The main door of your whole house is probably your garage door. The strange thing is that a lot of people don’t actually test their garage door to see how easy/hard it is to open. They also don’t keep the door that goes from the garage into the house locked. These are huge steps to take to ensure you are in fact leaving your house as safe and secure as you can.

It is also smart to not only check the locks on all of your exterior doors but to have someone come and actually test your garage doors security features. This will help you to know that your garage doors is not only securely closed and locked but that it is running perfectly and won’t break down and put you in the position of having a broken and vulnerable garage door for the time before it gets fixed. Be proactive about your safety!

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We know how difficult it is to find a reliable garage door repair company in Staten Island—  That’s part of the reason why Staten Island Garage Doors was opened so long ago. . .  To give the residents of Staten Island, NY a garage door repair company that would put the customer first;  With our same day garage door repairs, response times of an hour or less (Not during peak times), satisfaction guarantee, and everything else, Staten Island Garage Doors is the name in Garage Door Repair for the residents Staten Island.

Emergency Service

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If you are in need of a garage door repair or service right away, Staten Island Garage Doors can help. We provide emergency garage door services and guarantee same day service. Our technicians are highly trained and skilled and can repair any problem you may have with your garage door right there on the spot. You won’t have to wait long if you call Staten Island Garage Doors.

Garage Door Troubles

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Are you suffering from garage door problems? If yes, then you are not the only one. In recent years, vehicles such as cars, scooters have become part of our life, as well as the garages that keep them. It gives us sleepless nights if we have to keep our beloved vehicles, out in the open due to broken garage door. In recent years, door repair services have emerged as heroes to save us from all problems related to garage doors.

What exactly does a garage door repair company do?

Are you suffering from garage door problems? If yes, then you are not the only one. In recent years, vehicles such as cars, scooters have become part of our life, as well as the garages that keep them. It gives us sleepless nights if we have to keep our beloved vehicles, out in the open due to broken garage door. In recent years, door repair services have emerged as heroes to save us from all problems related to garage doors.

What exactly does a garage door repair company do?

Garage doors like all mechanical things are subject to break. Most of the time, it happens at the most inopportune moments as you least expect it. At that time, the question arises, what we are going to do, as it is certainly not possible to buy a new door every time it breaks. Well, answer to this question is very simple. Just hire the services of a good company. These repair companies are equipped with personnel who have years of experience in this particular field. According to experts, a good door repair service can not only repair your door but also increase its life by maintaining it properly from time to time. Door repair services such as perform a plethora of tasks such as installation of new doors, replacing door springs, roller, and rusted track repairs. Additionally, garage door experts also provide maintenance services, which are becoming very standard nowadays, as it certainly prevents people from unexpected accidents (such as trapping a car inside the garage), which others all of us all over the world need to face due to sudden problems caused by the garage door.

Preparing Your Garage For Winter

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Oh my….Summer is coming to a close…Autumn is almost upon us, and the days are getting shorter already. The air is cooler now even during the daytime. Seems like there is a chill in the air that wasn’t there just a few weeks ago.

Winter is coming.

Holy cow! You have got to get things ready for the winter, and the garage is a top priority. After all, there is water out there, and you have the firewood stored there, too. It’s time to winterize the place.

What should you do to winterize your garage? Here is a brief checklist. Be sure to add any other things that might be particular to your own garage, house or area of the country.

  1. Prepare the water pipes. If you have running water out there, it is absolutely imperative that you protect the pipes. In some cases one can shut off the water to the garage, as the water is not essential for the winter. A spare bath, for example, might not be needed for the winter, and you can shut it off from the rest of the service. Be sure to drain the lines if you do this….
  2. Determine if you plan to use the garage for daily use of automobiles or other uses. You might actually determine a need to heat the space. I have a friend that leaves his home each winter, and stores all his special-needs items in the garage, and heats that space just enough to keep his items from being damaged.
  3. Prepare the windows and doors for snow and ice, if you are not planning to keep these areas clear all winter. Snowdrifts can break glass, and bend doors, as well as leak water to the inside, causing lots of water damage. Be aware that is a possibility, and keep your stored items dry.

Take some time to address these things and you will ride out the winter in peace and quiet.

Recording Studio

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Building a room that you can use as a recording studio can be a very costly and tiring job, but if you have a garage that is left unused, why not turn it into the studio that you want to have? Though it can also be a tiring job, you will just have to worry about turning it into one without the need to spend a large sum of money on building a brand new one. As you consider using the garage, all you have to think about is the materials needed to transform it into an amazing recording studio.

Here are some tips that you might want to follow:

➢ Insulate your garage.
To soundproof your garage effectively, it is best that you insulate the entire garage. Cover up all air leakages in your garage and insulate everything where air and sound can pass through to ensure that you get solid sound whenever you are recording.
➢ Install solid and secure doors and windows.
If you have already blocked the window while insulating, then it is best that you also change your door into a solid one. This will help in preventing the sounds you create leak out and disturb your neighborhood.
➢ Ensure air circulation.
Say, you have chosen to put an AC unit. Make sure that you will have air vents to ensure proper circulation and prevent the room from having a stuffy feeling.
➢ Do not forget the lighting.
Blocked windows and insulated walls and doors will make your room completely dark. Put up proper lighting that will make you and your artists have an easy time doing their thing throughout your recording sessions.

You see, the process is somehow simple. All you have to do is to prepare your garage with all the necessary stuff and you are off to a new start in your music interests by having your own recording studio right inside your home.

Spring Repair??

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Have you noticed your garage door springs starting to sag? Are you wondering if a spring repair is the right thing to do to fix the problem? First if you aren’t sure what is wrong with your door you might not even have a spring issue. One sure way of knowing they are the issue is if the door is moving up and down unevenly. This is usually a for sure sign that one of the springs is starting go. Once you notice anything like this you need to absolutely make sure you have a professional come out and look at the garage door. If a spring snaps the door can suddenly fall and you definitely don’t want to get caught underneath.

Your garage door is a really heavy piece of equipment that needs to be handled with precision and care which is why it is imperative you have the right trained person out to look at the springs and then replace them. Something you should be very aware of when you are going to be dealing with garage door springs is that no company should ever repair them, they should always be replaced. No exceptions. Once they start to lose their tension they become a safety concern and it shouldn’t be risked by just trying to fix the broken one. Always make sure whatever company you go with is going to replace the spring!

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Turning Garage Into Man Cave

Staten Island Garage Doors – Turning Garage Into Man Cave

We love the idea of using your garage as another room of your house if you have somewhere you can park your cars! Here in Staten Island we might recommend using your garage for your cars in the winter, but it can be a nice place to make a man cave for yourself.

The garage is the perfect place for this! You can keep an area reserved for your tools and working, but you can do some easy things to also make it a place for you and the guys to hang out. You can throw a couch in there, add a table, rug, and tv and you are set! Then to add in the final touches you can put a pool table or darts in there with a mini fridge and you are completely set! It really doesn’t take too much work or investment.

The main thing you will want to take into consideration is properly insulating the garage door so that you don’t freeze when you are in there in the winter and roast in the summer time. If you aren’t sure if your garage door is properly insulated then you should have a technician come out to take a look. It is something that will be quick for them to tell you and then they can let you know the best type of insulation for your specific needs!

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Staten Island Garage Door Spring company

In Westerville, Ohio, a recent spate of cold temperatures left some Central Ohioans unexpectedly trapped in their homes last week. While some parts of the country experienced unseasonably warm weather as the year turned, this winter still brought the typical snow, ice, and bitter cold to many parts of the country. And although many Westerville residents were surprised to find their garage doors frozen shut last week, several area repair companies said that this kind of thing happens every year.

“When it gets cold, we call it our spring season because springs break,” repair technician Jason Glancy with Duddy’s Garage Door Service told a local ABC News affiliate. “That’s our most common problem. “

garage doors

The stranded homeowners typically called to report that their garage doors were either frozen or broken due to the weather. But the problem is in a specific component of the door: the springs. There’s little that can be done to prevent a spring from breaking due to the cold, Glancy said. “You could oil the door. It’ll take care of the squeaks and things like that. But it still won’t slow the process. The spring gets to a point, usually around 10,000 cycles, and it breaks,” he added.

Nonetheless, Glancy was poised in danger of contradicting himself when he admitted that his first two service calls were for garage doors frozen shut to the driveway. “We usually get pretty busy,” Glancy said. “Long days, things like that.” Precision Garage Doors said it received 17 calls for service before 10:00 a.m., and many of them were weather related. One resident was forced to wait for 45 minutes due to the high volume of calls in the sleepy town. Last fall, she began her first year as the music teacher at Westerville Elementary School, a lifelong dream she’d had ever since seeing The Sound of Music. When the repair company finally arrived, it only took 30 minutes to repair her garage door. According to Glancy, most of the garage door repairs related to cold weather can completed in less than an hour.



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