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What’s In YOUR Garage?

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Common uses?  A garage is a building meant to store automobiles and sport utility vehicles, right?  Well, statistics point out the fact that even though at least half the world that owns homes have garages also, only about 25% of those home-owners in the United Kingdom and 60% of home and automobile owners in the United States actually park their cars inside. Wow!  What do they use them for, you ask?

The most common uses of attached garages that are not used for vehicles are:

Storage. For people of modest means, this area can make their living space bigger. Some actually make them into family areas and bedrooms. Others, just have too much “stuff” and have to park it somewhere. Sometimes, garages are used for “collections” of automobiles that are not used often, but are intended for investment and hobbies.

Play or work area.  A garage is a perfect place to start a music group and rock out.  Others want to have a place to play pool or ping pong with room to move around.  Perhaps families with lots of children can turn it into a safe, carpeted area for toddlers to play. The do-it-yourself guy can make himself a dandy workshop complete with power tools and cabinets.

Home Business.  There is no less expensive way to start your own business than in your home or garage.  One does not have to pay rent for office or warehouse space. If the new business includes inventory, you can guess where it will be stored.

Additional home space.  Whatever is adjacent to the garage, whether it be a bedroom, family room or kitchen, can be expanded to increase the square footage of the main house.

The car or cars you ask? Well, they are often found on driveways, in carports and at the curb.

Can I Just Replace One Spring?

Garage Door Spring In Staten Island

Has one of your garage door springs recently broken? If so, you obviously know you need to have that spring replaced but you might be wondering if you have to also replace the other spring.

The short and simplified answer is no you don’t have to replace both. The longer and better answer is that you should highly consider replacing both in this situation. In most cases the springs are the same age and have had the same amount of use, so if one breaks the other one is probably on its way out too.

It just makes sense to save yourself the cost of having to call someone out twice when you can just have them replace both at the same time!

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Mail bag about spring replacement

Garage Door In Staten Island

We recently received this message in our Email from a past customer asking about spring replacement:


my neighbors spring broke on his garage door recently, and he got upset because he said the company that he was gonna have replace them tried to rip him off by having him do both at once. what gives? is that company right?”

We already replied to this customer, but we thought this could be an educational experience for everyone! No, that other company is not trying to ripoff our customer’s neighbor– In fact, to the contrary, that company was trying to do them a favor. Springs are nearly always installed at the same time, which means that they go through similar amounts of stress over their lifetime. What happens when one breaks, is that those stresses became too great. The other spring, which is also worn down, will likely break soon. So rather than have two different visits from a company (and two different purchases of a single spring), you can take advantage of a single service call and a discounted rate on two springs. A much better option for everyone involved!

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Something to look out for!

Garage Door Repair In Staten Island

When you’re picking out a garage door repair company, are you certain that you’re making the right choice?  How can you know?  Well, here’s one important thing that you should always look out for:  Make sure that you’re picking a true blue garage door repair company.

Now, I’m sure that sounds weird, but there are a lot of companies out there that are “Jack of all trade” affairs, where they do locksmithing, garage doors, appliance repair–  you name it!  The problem is, they don’t do any well, and when it comes to your garage door, that’s a problem.

Especially because then you’ll have to call in a qualified garage door repair company, like Staten Island Garage Doors, to fix their mess, and you don’t want that, right?  So pick a company that does garage doors and does them right!

How To Keep Your Garage Clutter-Free

Garage Door In Staten Island

Every house has a garage, and every family uses that space for their unique needs. Garages are perfect for storing miscellaneous possessions that you cannot (or will not) store in the house.  These might include, but are not limited to, volleyball nets, kayaks, and drum sets.  The items in a garage can vary greatly, but no matter what’s in your garage, its best to keep it neat and organized.  There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is aesthetics – any space looks best clutter-free.

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Having clutter in your garage is hazardous for a number of reasons.  Stacks of boxes and old furniture look like a garage oasis for spiders, opossums, and other gross animals that you don’t want nesting in your home.  Start by clearing out everything you no longer want or need. This will give you more space to work with, and avoid excess junk that could benefit other people.  It is best to keep only what you use, and start the organization from there.

One of the essential rules of garage organization is: Maintain the floor space!  Use any and every accessory to hang or shelve some of the items in your garage.  Shelves are great storage options because they give you freedom of categorizing per shelf, and all items are easily visible.  Shelves are an aesthetically pleasing choice that will serve you well for years.  This storage option is not recommended houses near active fault lines—San Andreas, Raymond, etc—due to risk of property damage.  Hooks and rafters are great resources to store your things off the ground.  Take advantage of these ideas to maximize organization and available space in your garage

De-cluttering your garage can be fun if you have a good game plan.  Take the time to devise your own, and see what you can do!

Want more space in your garage?

Garage Door In Staten Island

There’s a little known secret for how you can get more space in your garage door. . .  Of course, when I talk about “space” in this post, I’m talking exclusively about vertical space, because the secret I’m about to share with you is isolated to vertical space.

That’s because it involves a “Jackshaft garage door opener,” a style of garage door opener that mounts on the sidewall of your garage door and operates your garage door in a different manner so that you may build up more in your garage.

They’re very handy for a number of applications, including tall cars, hoarding, etc.  Think you may be right for one?  Call and ask one of our highly skilled garage door opener techs today!

Easy Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door In Staten Island

The most common problem with garage door maintenance is when it becomes too difficult for your garage door to lift and lower. It can be fixed with few simple adjustments and basic maintenance or it may be more serious. If it is connected to a garage door opener, the first thing to do is to disconnect the opener from the door by pulling the release the cord. But after this is done, and the problem remains, then the problem is not from the electric opener. Therefore, the need to consult the owner’s manual, or call a garage door opener repairer. When a door’s problem has to do with the lifting, then there must be a problem with the spring tension. And this must be as a result of the loads they have to lift and thereby making it dangerous to adjust. In this case, you can call a qualified garage door contractor.

Now, when it comes to a garage door lock, problems can be traced to a poorly aligned lock bar. To fix this, one just needs to loosen a few screws, re-arrange them and then tighten the screws.

The best way to prevent a garage door from becoming very hard to lift and lower is to inspect your garage door annually to find out if it has loose or worn-out parts, sagging springs springs and any other hardware problems and to address any problem noticed immediately before it becomes worse.

In a case whereby it is a wooden door, it is advisable to keep the door properly painted both inside and out. Those who manufactured wood doors recommend you to paint the inside and out and repaint the exterior surface every two years.

If the problem is with the one-piece door that sags in the center when it is raised, then you need a garage door contractor to install metal rods across the inner side of the door or better still, you can replace it with a roll-up style garage door.


Garage Door In Staten Island

Anyone who remembers buying a garage door ten years ago may be surprised by how much the machinery has evolved in the intervening decade. Garage doors manufactured in the present day and age are not only stronger, more resilient, and better insulated (and therefore greener) than the garage doors of yore, they’re also better looking. Not only do contemporary garage doors require a much lower level of maintenance, they now come in a a variety of styles and colors, and can be made to order with a wide range of window options and increasingly sophisticated accessories, like high tech garage door openers and smart controls. With such a wide range of garage door options to pick and choose from, changing the look of your entire home is easy. To change your home’s overall appearance, begin with the garage door.Your garage door style may be conservative, traditional, cottage style, or contemporary. You may choose a classic wooden garage door, a budget-friendly aluminum door, or a high end fiberglass garage door, depending on your home’s particular aesthetic, architectural bones, and your own particular tastes. It’s important to find a garage door style that’s compatible with your home and your lifestyle, as well as your budget. Stand outside your home and take a long hard look at your garage door. If your home’s garage door face the street, you can assume that it’s the first part of your home that visitors and passersby are going to notice. In a competitive housing market, or when trying to appease the homeowner’s association, curb appeal is everything, and you often don’t get second chances to make a first impression. Be sure that your garage door sends the message you intend; a garage door in need of repair or a paint job will reflect poorly on the entire house, even if every other part of the home was maintained perfectly. That goes double for three car garages, which make up a significant portion of your home’s facade, unless your garage door is side-facing. 


Open indication monitor


There’s a little known part on a garage door that is 100% optional, but sometimes, 100% necessary.  Before we go on, though, ask yourself this:

Have you ever been shocked in the morning when you discover that you left your garage door open all night?

If you fall into this camp, then an open indication monitor is right for you!  This is a device that alerts you when you’ve left your garage door open–  So rather than be shocked in the morning when you see a tail pipe instead of a garage door, you will be alerted before you go to bed to secure your home.  We think they’re fantastic options for those who tend to forget!

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Why Get Repairs at the “First Sign”?

Garage Door Repairs

We at Staten Island Garage Door Repair highly recommend calling a garage door repair company at the first sign that something is amiss–  Whether it be a slow moving opener, a creak in the springs, jamming door, or even a remote issue.  You may be asking yourself, “Why call someone over for repairs when it could not really need fixing?”

Well, here’s the deal–  If your garage door is acting kind of funny, that means something is not quite right with it.  This minor issue could easily become a major issue, or even worse, a catastrophic issue.  Rather than have to deal with a costly catastrophic conundrum, you could call us in at the first sign of trouble, and it will likely be an easy, cheap fix.

That’s why.

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