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“Spring Cleaning”

Staten Island Garage Door Spring Cleaning

Has someone ever talked to you about spring cleaning, but meant it ridiculously literally?  What is “spring cleaning” literally meant to clean your springs.  Most people would have no idea what springs are being talked about, but not you!  You’re the smart and savvy homeowner who is interested in maintaining the life and integrity of your garage door springs.

You know that you should regularly clean your garage door springs as a simple method of DIY preventative maintenance to ensure that they last a long time to come.

You do know all of that, don’t you?  Well, if not, now you do–  Preventing a buildup of grime and junk will make your springs last!

Garage Door Windows

Staten Island Garage Door Windows

We had a customer tell us recently that they love making decisions that make them stand out.  That’s fine.  If that’s your bag, we can get behind that.  So when he was asking us to install a new garage door windows, he wanted completely clear garage door windows so that he would stand out.

Hold on.  What?  Clear windows on a garage door?!  That’s crazy talk.

So, we presented him with this short list of pros and cons for tinting your garage door windows.


  • More secure, since people can’t see in easily.
  • More private, see above.
  • More aesthetically pleasing, as it’s uniform.
  • Helps to keep temperature cool in the garage.


  • None.
garage door windows

Removing Rust

Staten Island Garage Door Removing Rust

If your garage door has started to rust there is no need to worry. The rust may look bad, and is not something that should be left there, but it can easily be removed. We recommend sanding the rusted area down until there is no more rust. Then you need to apply a sealant that will help keep the door from rusting again. Finally, you will just need to paint the area with an appropriate latex paint that matches the rest of the garage door. If you would prefer a professional take care of the rust removal for you, call Staten Island Garage Door Removing Rust

The value of section replacement

Staten Island replacement

Do you have children?  If so, I’m sure at some point they’ve done some level of damage to your garage door with a baseball, hockey puck, or something else.

Don’t have children?  Well, have you ever had just a portion of your garage door damaged, and didn’t want to pay to have a new garage door installed while simultaneously wanting that eyesore to be done with.

That’s where the value of garage door section replacement comes in.  Rather than have your entire sectional garage door replaced when one little problem comes up, you can have just the offending piece replaced!  It’s a much better option, and restores your garage door to all of it’s greatness!

garage door replaced

One spring broke; what do I do!?

Staten Island Spring Repair

One of your garage door springs just broke.  What do you do?  First off:

Now that you’re nice and calm, here’s what you do:  Call Staten Island Garage Doors right away, and we’ll send one of our expertly trained garage door spring technicians out.

You should replace the broken spring, as well as the other spring while you’re at it.  Some people think we say that just to get more money out of you, but in reality, we would tell you to just replace them one at a time if that were the case.  You end up saving time and hassle in the long run by replacing both at the same time since springs are kind of like tires–  They wear at the same rate, and if one goes out, the other(s) may be on the way.

There.  In less that 200 words, what you should do when you have a garage door spring break.

Curb Appeal and Your Garage Door

Staten Island Garage Door upgrade

When you think of curb appeal for your home your garage door is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. You probably think of the yard and the accessories adoring the exterior of your home. However, your garage door is actually the most prominent thing people see when they are driving up to your home. So one of the easiest and fastest ways of making the entire home look better is to either upgrade of fix up the garage door. If your garage door is more than 10 years old then we highly recommend replacing it, if it is newer than that but doesn’t look so great you would be surprised at how much a coat of paint can do to make it look like new. If you are looking for ways to improve the overall appearance of your home then the garage door is a great place to start.

Garage Doors Testimonials

Staten Island Garage Doors

I wanted to install one of those metal gates that rolls down in front of my store. I wasn’t really sure what the process was so I called this company and had them come out. They explained which gate would be best and even installed it the same day. Very happy.
– Milton

My son ran his car into the garage door and I needed to have it replaced. I called Staten Island Garage Doors and they were out right away to put in a new door. Took no time at all and the door works perfectly. I will save their number for the future.
– Sally

Two thumbs up!
– George

My roll down door was getting stuck a lot as I was trying to roll it down. I called these guys and they were able to fix it quickly. So glad I didn’t try to fix it myself, I would never have figured it out.
– Shahar

Staten island garage doors  Thank You

Photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash

Roll Up Doors

Staten Island Roll Up Door

Are you a business owner in need of roll up doors, roll up gates, or security gates in Staten Island?  If so, we are the company for you!  Staten Island Garage Doors & Roll Up Doors is a top notch garage door company that can take care of all of your roll up door and gate needs!  Whether you run a bodega, small store front, large business, or a big box store, Staten Island Garage Doors & Roll Up Doors will have a solution for you!  We cover every type of roll up door, roll up gate, and security gate that you could possibly need.


Staten Island Garage Door Opener

The horsepower

Take in to consideration the garage door’s size and material, whether you need two garage doors to be lifted, or if it is only a single garage door. The horsepower can be 1/3, 1/2, or 3/4 depending on the size, type of material and number of garage doors.

Type of drive system

Consider the three standard drive systems- chain driven, belt driven and screw driven garage doors. Pick which suits your home and budget.

Type of speed

The speed of an average garage door opener opens at 7 inches per second and there are faster garage door openers too which opens 2x the average speed.

Special features

Check if the garage door opener has special features such as photoelectric eyes and emergency reversal feature.

Available warranties

Check if the garage door opener has warranties too.

garage door staten island

We Do Gates Too

Staten Island Garage Door Gates

Our name might imply that all we do is garage doors, but that is wrong. A lot of our business is actually installing and repairing gates too! Here in New York there are a lot of small businesses, and being in such a populated area it is important to make sure that you keep your business safe when you can’t be there. Of course, part of that is having surveillance cameras, but the best way to physically keep your business safe from intruders is to install a gate that closes and locks in front of your store at night.

If you don’t have a gate already installed you will want to have someone out right away to get that in place, you really shouldn’t even risk one night of not having one protecting your assets. If you do have one in place but it isn’t working right, again, it is not something you should wait to have fixed, it can put your entire store at risk.

We offer all of our 24 hour and emergency services for not only garage doors but also gate services and repairs. We understand how important it is to keep your business running at all times and will do everything within our power to keep you store or shop safe when you aren’t there by keeping your gates working perfectly!

We Do Gates Too

Staten Island Garage Doors

Staten Island Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

With a lot of choices for garage door repairs in Staten Island, why risk making the wrong decision? Staten Island Garage Doors technicians have decades of collective experience, and an industry leading Satisfaction Guarantee. Call us now for more information! (888) 326 - 7164

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