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Save money with your garage door

Garage Door Staten Island

Did you know that a well insulated and properly aligned garage door can save you money? Most people don’t realize that if the door is not well insulated it can be hard for the garage to stay temperate which means that whatever the air is like outside, so cold currently, is going to come inside your garage and then home.

It is the same for a garage door that isn’t properly aligned. There might be cracks leaving it open in big spaces for air to freely move in and out of the garage. These things can cost you a lot of money on your electric bill. If you aren’t sure if your are wasting money on your garage door you can call us out and we will make sure everything is as efficient as possible!

How to Quiet a Noisy Garage Door

Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors are well known for their production of intense and distracting noises over time due to the vibrations when opening and closing. Though the noise may not bother everyone, it can be infamous for waking certain family members up in the middle of the night or morning. In order to reduce the intensity of the noise, you must first diminish the vibrations that are caused by the door when it is opening. This can be done effectively without the added costs or hassle of a full garage door replacement.

Tighten and Check
It is essential that you first check all of the bolts and screws that are on the garage door, the track and the opener. Subsequently, you will need to tighten any that are loose or even try to tighten them all to be certain. These loose connections can ultimately lead to rattling and noise when opening or closing your garage door.

By adding some spray lubricant to all of the garage door’s moving parts, you will allow the chain to more easily slide around gears. Be sure to spray at the top of all of the springs down to the base. Spraying along the inside of each of the door’s tracks and around the metal rollers will also successfully eliminate much of the grinding that causes the unbearable noise. Any parts that move can cause extra vibrations while working harder to operate. For this reason, lubricate at least two times annually in order to maintain a smooth motion upon open and close of the door.

Change the Rollers
You should try to change the metal rollers on your garage door to nylon ones. The old style of metal rollers are well known for creating a lot of noise due to the process of travel that they must make all along a metal track. However, nylon rollers are much quieter for that reason. They have a smoother track with less friction to cause squeaking or rattling. These nylon rollers are also helpful in that they do not need quite as much lubrication as the typical metal rollers require. This effectively reduces the time that you would spend maintaining your garage door.

Add Rubber Buffers
Many people are unaware that they can simply just add pieces of rubber to act as buffers for the door and the opener supports. To do this, you must first remove all bolts that gold the door to the track with a socket wrench. Next, you may want to slide a thin piece of rubber of about one quarter of an inch wide between the door and the assembly of the bolt. Rubber acts as an absorber for any vibrations that may travel throughout your home before it starts at the support frame and floor of the dwelling. This will reduce the noise caused by it.

If you have any questions about installing, repairing or purchasing a garage door or opener, please feel free to call a trusted garage door company for more information.

Should I Replace Both?

Garage Door Springs Is Broken

Garage door springs are one of the most common service calls that are made in the industry. The reason is that they springs do the job of supporting the 300 plus pounds of weight that is the garage door. They are wound tight and are under an extreme amount of pressure. Eventually the wear and tear of a garage door spring will cause the spring to let go and fail. Oddly enough this always seems to happen to people when they are late for work or have to go to an appointment.

Since a garage door spring isn’t a planned expense for most homeowners, many people tend to get defensive when they are told to replace both of their springs. After all, the springs aren’t exactly cheap, and there this is the labor costs to install them. Which is why many people tend to think that they can save money by only replacing one spring.

The reality is that this will end up costing you more money. Since garage door springs are installed in pairs, it makes sense that if one spring breaks, the other one is ready to break. Since most of the labor cost is incurred when replacing one spring, there isn’t really a significant fee to install two springs in terms of the labor. However if you install only one spring and then have the other spring break shortly afterwards, you will be paying double the labor costs. That is why it’s better just to replace both springs.

garage door broken

Garage Door Says About Your Personality

Garage Door Says About Your Personality

Your garage door speaks more about you and your personality than you could ever imagine. It is common to find people who look like their homes. An individual’s interests, who they are and what they like can be reflected through their garage doors. Available in a variety of styles, there’s a garage door for every personality out there. Apart from the style, the chosen garage door design and color have something to reflect about your personality. Old European world garage door and gate designs with beautiful details made of wrought iron reflect the personality of an old soul homeowner. Solid mahogany garage doors do not just add accent to homes, but also reflect a rustic personality with a traditional touch.

The rooms in downtown lofts can be divided using full view glass doors. The full view glass doors are panelled and modern to reflect the non-conformist personality. However, a garage door does not have to be made of wrought iron, panelled with glass or even have a sleek look for it to reflect a given kind of personality. Durable garage doors painted plain white are not just functional, but also reflect the no frills yet no nonesense personality of the homeowner.

Colors also have something to say about personalities. A red garage door reflects a bold and passionate personality while blue is a cool and relaxing color that reflects the same in a personality. Therefore, when choosing a color for your garage door, ensure that it is a hue that will truly reflect your personality and interests.

In order to find a garage door that reflects your distinct personality, it is important to carry out an intensive research online or visit a shop that supplies the same. With the right garage door, your home will not just look attractive, but also very functional to serve its main design purpose.

Personality garage doors

How to turn your garage into a man cave

garage door into a man cave

Everyone needs a little getaway space, whether it’s in your room, your secret dungeon behind the piano, or your study.  A garage is a space that is isolated, making it the perfect annex to relax and detach from the stresses of the world.  You can personalize your garage by transforming it into your own man cave.  If you are a woman reading this, consider it the lady den. Regardless of your gender, a garage is the ideal space to customize into a room for pure relaxation.

Every man needs a space where he can relax in a manner all his own, without having to concern himself with being judged by others  Thus, the creation of a “mantuary” has become a popular trend. Men can use these as portals back to frat house days, or the beloved bachelor pad.  Any man cave can be equipped with whatever the owner sees fit—whether it’s a whole surround sound set up, a new workbench, or one of those new 75” curved TVs.  Man caves are helpful in keeping both men and women happy in a relationship.

A lady den is much the same in concept as a man cave.  Women are keen on having their own space to fully customize as their own.  Its ideal to have at least one of your favorite movie posters in said den, along with any other decorations or essentials you feel you need.   From pink and sparkles, or camouflage and guns, lady dens are a great way to provide a haven for girls everywhere.

Male or female, it’s important for one to have one’s own breathing space.  Man caves and Lady dens make this possible in any home arrangement.  Garages are the perfect spaces to create your own cave.  Let loose and have a little fun designing your haven.

How to turn your garage into a man cave

Why should I insulate my garage door?

Staten Island I insulate my garage door

When considering whether to insulate your garage door or not, it’s important to factor in the details found in this article.  Do your garage doors provide insulation?  Do the bottom of your garage doors touch the floor?  Most of the latest models already come insulated—but what happens when they’re not?  If your garage door doesn’t come with insulation do not fret, there are many options to choose from!

Insulation kits come a dime a dozen, but where should you look?  It doesn’t matter if you have a single or double door; kits come in all shapes and sizes.  They are designed to fit between the garage door’s support rails.  You may purchase insulation kits from your local hardware store or online.  Just make sure you measure the dimensions of your garage doors before you begin to shop around.

Insulation kits are made of thick reflective materials that are rigid and foamed with resilient closed cells.  They are placed on the inside panels and underneath the lining of your garage doors.  They are very inexpensive and provide additional solutions to the look and warmth of your home.  Data shows that with proper insulation the temperature can add 20 degrees to your garage.  This plays a vital role to those residing in colder cities, especially during the winter season.  It will help you save a lot of money on your electric bill since cold air usually travels from room to room.  Installation is very easy and most kits come with a step-by- step guide.

If this solution doesn’t help, you may want to look into insulating the door between your garage and home.  This is usually the entry way for cold air to seep in.  With a foam lining tracing the bottom, top and sides of your door this will help in keeping the temperature at a steady level.  Make garage door insulation a priority because it’s surely beneficial in the long run.

Sensors Beams Garage Safety

Staten Island Important to Garage Safety

The garage doors are highly unsafe, especially for children. There are different security problems associated with the use of garage doors. There have been numerous incidents witnessed so far where the children have got seriously injured while using the garage doors. It is really important to find a way out to solve this safety problem. As a house owner if you too are experiencing such problems and finding it tough to control, then stop worrying because there is help available. Sensor beams is a very useful safety device in this respect.

It is believed to be an intelligent device that will help you to address this safety issue. You can call the expert in your area and get the device set up on the garage door. But before that you need to be aware of the various aspects of sensor beams- their workings and benefits so that you make sure that you have got the correct equipment installed in your house.

The sensor beam is a motion detector device that has been developed and designed to enhance the safety while using the garage doors. The device makes use of infrared light for the purpose. It is placed near the door of the garage. The motion detector device works smartly. Whenever any kind of object blocks the infrared beam at the time of closing the door, then the sensor beam will react intelligently to prevent any kind of injuries during incidents especially in the case of small children.

The sensors will then cause the garage door to rise back once again so that the object can be allowed to pass through the door. In this manner the object i.e. any person can easily enter and leave the garage area safely at any point of time. This whole mechanism can be really helpful to resolve the safety issue concerning the children of small ages. This safety device for garage doors doesn’t come at an expensive cost. It is available at a reasonable cost in the market and it’s quite is easy to get installed. The expert will come and install the safety device quickly. After it has been set up, you can be completely rest assured about the safety of children while moving in and out of the garage door. Overall, the sensor beam is a complete solution for your safety issues and important to garage safety.

Sensors Beams Garage Safety

Chain Drive Openers

Garage Door Openers

Chain Drive Openers are the most common style of garage door opener–  Most people have them, unless they’ve made the choice to upgrade to a more modern style of garage door opener.  Here are some of the pros and cons of this style of garage door opener.


  • Economically priced
  • Relatively reliable
  • Is a garage door opener


  • Noisiest style of garage door opener
  • Dated technology means newer options may be more reliable.
  • May require more maintenance than other styles of garage door openers
  • Garage Door Opener-ophiles may recognize you as a penny pincher.

What style of opener do you have?  If you have a chain drive, and are happy, great!  If you’re not happy, maybe it’s time to upgrade. . .

Alternative to a new garage door

Staten Island New Garage Doors

Does your garage door have a massive issue, and do you think the only way to fix it is through a complete replacement of your garage door?  Well, I hope you’re not experiencing that, because that is not a good situation. . .

But if you are, just know that there’s a much more cost effective option for you!  Rather than pay the costly service call + cost of a new garage door, you can always ask your well trained repairman about the section replacement–  This alternative to a new garage door is a simple, relatively inexpensive procedure where only the offending portion of the garage door is replaced. . This makes for a much more pleasant experience that saves you and your pocketbook!

Advantages of an open indication monitor

Staten Island Garage Door open indication monitor

In this post, we plan on focusing on open indication monitors, an often overlooked garage door component.

What are they?

Open indication monitors are components of a garage door system that alert you when your garage door has been left open.  It’s a device that can make this information available to you any number of ways.

Why would I want one?

Your garage door is just that–  A door.  Most people seem to forget that.  If you leave the front door of your home open, you’re inviting a number of undesirable elements to come slinking in.  Same goes for when you leave your garage door open. . .  It’s not just burglars and looky-loos; you could also invite in pests and animals.  By having a device installed that reminds you if your garage door is open, this will help cut down on (and hopefully eliminate) the amount of time your garage door spends open and exposed to the world.

garage door system

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