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The Most Neglected Room in Your House

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Think of a garage and you will picture stained concrete floors, crowded shelves, metal supports, etc. Generally, it has been observed that the garage is the most neglected area of the house. The sole reason is that this place is not used by the residents on a daily basis except parking the cars. Even the guests who visit rarely get a glimpse of the garage. Therefore, mostly people tend to neglect the maintenance of the garage and it is always messy. Often the area covered by the garage is quite a huge area which can otherwise be used for some productive purposes.

Your garage should not become an area where one can dump all the equipment which does not find a place inside the house. Many people do clean the garage space from time to time, but it quickly becomes messy again with all the stuff that is dumped there. Many people still go by the traditional garage concept where a garage was used as a parking space as well as a place to store rarely used items. People generally do not pay much attention to the garage space because they do not understand that each space in the house has to be used effectively. Some people have started realizing this and are turning their garages into areas of great utility.

As a lot of stuff is stocked in the garage, often the space is not utilized efficiently. The area of the garage is generally larger than any other room of the house. But individuals have a tendency to dump everything instead of keeping everything organized. The entire concentration of the residents is focused on the other rooms like living room, study area, bed room, etc. thus neglecting the garage which actually holds all the unwanted things which are discarded from the house.

Stop neglecting your garages!

Take good care of your garage – and it will take good care of you!

Add style to your garage door

Garage Door Style

A garage door is a huge part of the outside of your home, this means that it is usually one of the first things people see when driving up to your home. Your garage door should look nice, but it should also be a reflection of your personal style. There are a lot of ways you can personalize your garage door. We like the options of painting your garage door, adding embellished hinges , putting lights on the outside on either side of the door, or adding windows. There are really a plethora of ways to personalize your garage door, and Staten Island Garage Doors can help with all of them

garage door style

Opening a Garage Door in a Power-outage

Power-outage Garage Doors

garage doors are now electricity-powered instead of manually. This makes the garage door very dependent on power to perform its main function. In the event of a power-outage, you have to open the garage door to let your vehicle in or out. So, here are a few simple steps you can follow to answer this troubling problem.

First priority is locating the emergency release cord. This should be found hanging from the center rail of the door. After identifying the cord, pull the cord so as to disconnect the garage door from its opener. In the event that you’re using a foot-operated door stop, just position the door to any angle of your liking. Then, using a little bit of elbow grease, lift the garage door until fully open and be sure that the door will remain in that position until returned to its former position. After using the door, close it down until it reaches the floor. And locked it depending on the type you are using.

Follow these steps and even blackouts can’t stop you from using your garage door.

Jackshaft Opener

Staten Island Garage Door Jackshaft Opener

The jackshaft opener is not used as frequently as some of the other openers such as the belt drive and the chain drive. The jackshaft opener in some ways isn’t as powerful as the others. But if you have a small or short garage then a jackshaft opener may be the perfect one for you. Most openers are located on the roof of the garage taking up quite a bit of space, the jackshaft opener on the other hand is located on the side wall of the garage allowing more head space in the garage. If you have a need for more space in your garage then we highly recommend a jackshaft opener.

get new tracks if I need a new opener?

Staten Island Garage Openers

This is actually a pretty common question we get when we have to replace someone’s garage door opener. Most people are hoping they can just keep the current tracks on the garage door and only get a new opener. You can usually do this, but it is not recommended. Most garage door openers are designed to work with specific tracks and if they are operating with different ones it can cause problems. It may also keep you from being eligible for the warranty that comes with a new garage door opener. Be smart and have both the opener and the tracks replaced!

new tracks if I need a new opener

Garage door springs have in common?

garage door springs

When you think of tires and garage door springs, you probably don’t think they’re very alike.  We don’t blame you, because in reality, they’re not.  (In fact, in imaginary land they’re not either, unless you’re a truly abstract artist.)

I’m told this is supposed to be a Rhino staring me down.

I digress.  So, if these two items don’t have much in common, then what do they have in common, if anything!?

The last time you went to replace a single tire, someone likely told you that you should replace other tires in addition to the one in question because they all have similar wear patterns, and you’ll end up at the tire shop again very soon if you don’t.

Garage Door Springs are very similar in that, when one breaks, the other will likely follow since they serve the same purpose, and they’ve likely warn down the same amount.

So, moral of the story?  I don’t understand abstract art. . .  And you should replace garage door springs together!

Garage Doors qust

Help Avoid Burglary

Staten Island Garage Door Help

Before we get on the serious topic of home burglary, we wanted to take a quick moment to discuss something that we found amusing here at our office.

The idea that “burgle” is a word.  ”Burgle.”

We digress.

A lot of our customers have reported issues with having their homes burgled, and it’s almost always from the same access point:  An open garage door that was left open overnight.

Don’t become a statistic.  With open indication monitors, you can have a garage door that will inform you that it’s left open, so you don’t wake up one morning to find yourself the victim of a burglary.  Or:  So you don’t wake up burgled.

What does “One Hour Response Time” mean?

Staten Island Garage Doors

Here at Garage Doors, we proudly strive to offer a one hour response time on our garage door repairs, but you may be asking yourself, “what does that mean?”

Well, in most cases, that means that we will have a technician in your driveway within one hour of your calling us with a garage door issue.  That is what we strive for.

Of course, what we can almost always guarantee is that within one hour, one of our highly trained garage door repair techs will be on their way to your home to talk to you about your garage door, or to get started.

Either way, we put you first!

Happy Pi Day!

Staten Island Garage Doors

Today is 3/14, which is quickly becoming known as “Pi Day” or (“Pie Day” for the truly oblivious / uneducated).  Why is it “Pi Day”?  Because the date, written in American format, matches “Pi” to the hundredths place: 3.14.

So why is a garage door company telling me about Pi Day?  Well, pi relates to circles, and while circles are absolutely everywhere, they’re also an integral part of your garage door.

Without a complex system of pulleys, springs, and rollers, your garage door would be doing a whole lot of nothing–  That’s why it’s important that we celebrate what circles have brought to our lives, and to our garage doors!  Just think of where we’d be otherwise!

Garage Door Spring Replacement Protocol

Garage Door Spring

There are certain areas in your life where you can cut corners. Take for example a sandwich. You could cut from corner to corner– For what reason we don’t know:
On a serious note, though, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your garage door spring replacement. Many times, we get asked if someone can “get away” with just replacing one garage door spring at a time. Here’s the answer:

Yes, you can “get away” with it, but in the end, you’re going to have a bigger headache when you have to call us a month later, and you’ll likely end up spending more money because of the separate service; not to mention the cost of two springs sold separately rather than together.

So, what is proper protocol with regard to garage door spring replacement? Get them done together, every time! You’ll thank us for this advice down the road.

Now to make a sandwich. . .

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