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Should I Replace Both?

Garage Door Springs Is Broken

Garage door springs are one of the most common service calls that are made in the industry. The reason is that they springs do the job of supporting the 300 plus pounds of weight that is the garage door. They are wound tight and are under an extreme amount of pressure. Eventually the wear and tear of a garage door spring will cause the spring to let go and fail. Oddly enough this always seems to happen to people when they are late for work or have to go to an appointment.

Since a garage door spring isn’t a planned expense for most homeowners, many people tend to get defensive when they are told to replace both of their springs. After all, the springs aren’t exactly cheap, and there this is the labor costs to install them. Which is why many people tend to think that they can save money by only replacing one spring.

The reality is that this will end up costing you more money. Since garage door springs are installed in pairs, it makes sense that if one spring breaks, the other one is ready to break. Since most of the labor cost is incurred when replacing one spring, there isn’t really a significant fee to install two springs in terms of the labor. However if you install only one spring and then have the other spring break shortly afterwards, you will be paying double the labor costs. That is why it’s better just to replace both springs.

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