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No rolling code, no problem? Wrong!

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Is there something that stands out above other things in the garage door system as a truly magnificent piece of modern engineering that is the single most important part of garage door security?  That was a mouthful, and you likely won’t be able to answer that because you’re not an expert in garage doors, but we can answer it for you:  Yes.  Yes there is.  And that thing is rolling code technology, which is an important part of your garage door remote / opener system.

Your garage door opener and remote work in tandem to operate your garage door, and a simple code system is utilized to make it so that only your remote operates your garage door opener.  However, if someone hacks the system and gets that code, now they’ve gained access to your garage door opener, and transitively, to your home.

Of course, if you were a savvy garage door owner, you would have rolling code installed in your opener / remote system, which would mean that that code changes every time it’s used.  This means that a hacker could get your code, but when they try and use it, there’s a different code already.

(There’s a scene from the new Gone in 60 Seconds in which a garage door without rolling code is taken advantage of so they can steal a car.)

Now rolling code is a big thing on newer garage door openers, but if you’re living in the past a bit with an older opener, it might be time for you to call out a pro to tell you whether or not you have it; and / or to upgrade to a newer style of garage door opener that would be more secure.

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