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Never Store In Your Garage

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The garage at our house is usually full of various types of items. Some of these items are of regular use and the rest are simply unwanted waste that has been collected for a long time. Most of the people generally do not pay attention to the items before storing them in the garage space. They just keep all the things that they want in the area. This leads to unwanted incidents sometimes which cause damage to life and property. The people must not store everything in the garage. To assist you more in this context, here are the items that you should never ever store in the garage.

Chemical or propane tanks: You should never store the chemical tanks in the garage. The tanks contain hazardous toxic chemicals which are dangerous for the safety of human beings. They might get leaked due to a hole or crack and cause serious damage. On leakage, some of these chemicals produce explosion on coming in contact with different external agents. Therefore as a safety measure, you must store these items at any other isolated place in the house where there is no public intervention.

Lawn Mowers: The lawn mowers are useful tools to have in the house. But they should not be kept in the garage area. They have often been found to leak oil on a regular basis which has eventually resulted in the occurrence of many accidents and injuries to the people. If you too have your lawn mower kept in the garage, then it is time for you to act quickly. Remove the lawn mower from the garage area and keep at another location probably at a much safer place than before. Not only just the lawn movers but other equipment and tools that might leak oil should not be stored in the garage area.

Food Items: This is the most important thing that you must always remember to remove from the garage for sure. You should never store any kind of food items and similar stuff in the garage without using a refrigerator or other preservation system. It is highly unsafe to keep such items as the garage area is prone to a lot of dust and dirt. There are many pest and insects found in the garage which pollute and degrade the quality of food items. If these items are consumed, then there are chances of severe health problems.

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