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NEVER Store in Your Garage

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Your garage is a perfect place for storing those things, right? Maybe not. Before you store things in your garage you need to consider what the item is, how you are going to store it, and where you are going to put it.

Your garage is a special environment. While it is enclosed and usually dry, It is not a closed off climate controlled place. Pests can get into your garage and temperatures and humidity levels can change. There are some things that you should not store in your garage.

First, you should never store food items in your garage. Food attracts a variety of pests that you just don’t want living amongst your things.

Second, you should never store wine, paints, or other temperature sensitive items in your garage. These items should be stored in environments that have an element of climate control so they retain their quality.

Finally, you should never store electronic items like computers or televisions in your garage. These items are subject to damage caused by changes in humidity. They should be stored inside where the temperature and humidity levels are more controlled.

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For the items that you do store in your garage, you want to be conscious of how you are storing them.All fabric items like towels, linens, coats, and other clothing should be stored in closed plastic containers. Fabric items make great nesting places for pests, like mice. Keeping these items in the proper containers will protect them from critters.

In addition, you want to store as many items as you can on shelves, hooks, or in drawers. Keeping items off the floor will keep your garage looking neater and more organized and you will protect them from water damage if your garage leaks during a rain storm.

Your garage is a nice place to store things that you don’t use often or just need to keep out of the way. However, it is important to protect your things. Be mindful of items that could attract pests or be damaged by temperature or humidity changes. To protect the things that you do store in your garage, be sure to keep things off the floor by using shelving, hooks, and drawers.

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