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Is your garage door a death trap?

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Garage doors are massive, heavy contraptions that have the potential to wreak a lot of havoc when it comes to your family.  Kids, pets, the elderly, or even you are potentially in the path of a very dangerous mechanism that you rely on day in and day out.  So when it comes to ensuring that your garage door is actually operating safely, how can you be certain?

There are tests that can be performed by well trained professionals to help ensure that you’re safe, but you have to ask yourself. . .  When was the last time that you had these tests done?  When was the last time a professional signed off on your garage door, telling you that you and your family would be safe.  It’s entirely possible that you can’t remember this time, and if that’s the case, we’re sorry.

Of course, these sorts of tests are something that we offer, and it’s as simple as making sure that all of the components that ensure the safe operation of your garage door are working right.

Is your garage door a death trap

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