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Is the automatic garage door for you?

Automatic Garage Door

We all have these experiences when we have just the manual garage door, we get out of the car, we pull the garage door up and enter the garage, we get out of our car and pull the garage door back down. Imagine this to be a tolerable experience when you are doing all of these hassles on a sunny day, but what if it’s snowing outside, what if it’s raining cats and dogs? Then you will have a hard time getting into the garage, and you could just get the entire car carpeting and seats all wet, not to mention your head and hairdo!

It’s a good thing smart people invented the automatic garage door back in the 1930s. Now with just a remote control and a few clicks of a button you get everything set up in the comfort of your own car, just inside the dashboard or drivers area. Some are even so advanced that if you forgot to close them and drive away, they can detect the open door, alert you and close the door for you – from any where in the world through your smart phone. They all have included sensors, so that if an obstruction is present under the door, it will not continue to close down and instead retract back upwards. Some are big doors which can open sideways or upwards, all are inventions of great minds, anything that makes our lives easier.

Now you might think, “Wow this is going to be expensive for me,” well you just might have to think again. When your door right now is working smoothly, it opens and closes the garage door automatically for PENNIES per day!

Do know that this will need electricity to run, so be prepared to pay service of the electrician and some additional cost of wiring your garage door.
Lastly, before installing heavy automatic equipment for your garage doors, you might need help with the panels and reinforcing your walls and structure of your garage. In that case, you’ll need a licensed general contractor to shore up your garage. Good luck, and remember that a good garage door opener will last for the next 20 or 25 years.

automatic garage door

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