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“I heard a bang!”

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If you hear a bang when you turn on your TV, what do you do  Probably call a TV repair man, as well as an excorcist.  What do you do when you hear a bang while operating your garage door opener?  Call a garage door opener technician.

This may seem obvious, but for many people this isn’t that obvious–  A lot of people think that, as long as the garage door operates (ish), it’s okay, even if it’s jerky, making loud noises, or screaming at you.  This is definitely not the case.  It’s important to have it checked out as soon as it starts operating funny because that could be indicative of a much larger issue at play.  By taking care of the issue before it snowballs into something crazy, you can ensure that your repair will stay relatively inexpensive compared to some sort of intense service.

Last question:  What do you do when you hear a bang while operating your rifle?  Reload, probably.

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