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How to Quiet a Noisy Garage Door

Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors are well known for their production of intense and distracting noises over time due to the vibrations when opening and closing. Though the noise may not bother everyone, it can be infamous for waking certain family members up in the middle of the night or morning. In order to reduce the intensity of the noise, you must first diminish the vibrations that are caused by the door when it is opening. This can be done effectively without the added costs or hassle of a full garage door replacement.

Tighten and Check
It is essential that you first check all of the bolts and screws that are on the garage door, the track and the opener. Subsequently, you will need to tighten any that are loose or even try to tighten them all to be certain. These loose connections can ultimately lead to rattling and noise when opening or closing your garage door.

By adding some spray lubricant to all of the garage door’s moving parts, you will allow the chain to more easily slide around gears. Be sure to spray at the top of all of the springs down to the base. Spraying along the inside of each of the door’s tracks and around the metal rollers will also successfully eliminate much of the grinding that causes the unbearable noise. Any parts that move can cause extra vibrations while working harder to operate. For this reason, lubricate at least two times annually in order to maintain a smooth motion upon open and close of the door.

Change the Rollers
You should try to change the metal rollers on your garage door to nylon ones. The old style of metal rollers are well known for creating a lot of noise due to the process of travel that they must make all along a metal track. However, nylon rollers are much quieter for that reason. They have a smoother track with less friction to cause squeaking or rattling. These nylon rollers are also helpful in that they do not need quite as much lubrication as the typical metal rollers require. This effectively reduces the time that you would spend maintaining your garage door.

Add Rubber Buffers
Many people are unaware that they can simply just add pieces of rubber to act as buffers for the door and the opener supports. To do this, you must first remove all bolts that gold the door to the track with a socket wrench. Next, you may want to slide a thin piece of rubber of about one quarter of an inch wide between the door and the assembly of the bolt. Rubber acts as an absorber for any vibrations that may travel throughout your home before it starts at the support frame and floor of the dwelling. This will reduce the noise caused by it.

If you have any questions about installing, repairing or purchasing a garage door or opener, please feel free to call a trusted garage door company for more information.

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