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How To Deal With Garage Door Emergencies

Garage Door Emergencies

No machine is flawless.  Many modern inventions, big and

small, rely on mechanics to aid their operation; therefore, it’s likely that, at some point, they will need maintenance. Electric can openers, the gate to your community, and the fan in your house all need occasional service to keep performing at the highest level of efficiency.  One appliance that absolutely must be serviced is your electric garage door, because losing control of it is a truly fearsome thing.  If something does happen to your garage door, however, there are safety procedures you can observe to minimize the threat of further damage.

Broken Spring

Everyone in the house usually hears the recoil when a garage door spring breaks.  Garage door springs are extremely taut and strong, making them the most dangerous component of the garage door unit.  When a spring breaks, calm animals and children down and quarantine them before going to check the damage.  You can’t be too cautious when you’re coming face to face with a broken spring.  After you confirm the situation, call a garage door repairman right away to spring life back into your door.

Broken Sensor

A broken sensor is a fairly difficult problem to diagnose—at least until its too late.  Ideally, a garage door safety inspection would identify the inadequacy of the garage door sensors; your car getting crushed is a not so ideal way to find out.  I am compelled to say that this is an extremely threatening situation when you have children in the home. When the sensors stop sensing, be sure to get them repaired immediately to ensure your and your family’s safety.

In addition to the ones stated, there are several other garage door emergencies—eek! Dare I say broken motor?—that can be scary to endure.  Just remember that help is only a phone call away!

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