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Garage Reveals Your Personality

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It is said that the overall look and all the things seen in a room would easily reveal the personality of the person staying in it. Just like any room in your house, the garage also bears the same principle. Though you may have the cleanest living room, bedroom and most organized kitchen in the town, if your garage does not look the same like the other rooms in your house, it is revealing something unwanted in your personality. You may be seen as a person with a good personality in the outside but a bad one inside.

Well, that is not the personality that you would want to show to your friends and even your new found friends, right? Just like how you dress, how you wear clothes and how you carry them, these things will always reveal something about your personality. It is a way on how people get to know you or how they would make their first impression as soon as they saw you.

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If you make your garage’s contents organized and properly cleaned at all time just like how you keep other rooms in your house, then people may see you as a person who does not want his or her things cluttered and messed up. People will see you as a person who would want to tidy up everything and want everything to be as organized as possible.

But if your garage is like a place where you just park your car and put all used belongings in boxes cluttered in one corner and tools placed in different areas, what do you think people would think about you? Yes, a person who does not care about the cleanliness of their surroundings. There are other things that people may think about you and keeping this messy garage may worsen the things that people think about you.  So, to change or maintain the way people think about you, it is best that you also pay attention to how your garage looks.

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