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Garage Tidy Staten Island

Garage Door Tidy

We all know that garages are for cars but a lot of us use garages to store items instead of hiring a storage unit, but when we first start to store unwanted items in our garage or items we do not use very much, the garage starts to get clutted as we continue to add item after item.
Below are some tips which will help you turn the mess in your garage into a well organised mess.

1. Try and store items in a vertical position. By storing items in this way you are saving space in your garage.

2. Go through all the items that you are storing in your garage and ask yourself if you will every use those items again. See if there is anything you can give to charity or sell or if the items are damaged items then simply throw them away. Try and free up as much space as possible.

4. Group your items to find, use it like a filing system so when you do need those items they are easy to find. For example, if you have paint, put all the paint pots together, if you have a lot of books put them all together.

5. Decide which part of your garage will be for storage and try to stick to that section when you are storing items.

6. If you are putting items in boxes then make sure that you label each box so you know exactly what is in the box, this makes it easier for when you need those items.

If you find items that you no longer want, remember you can always donate them to a charity.

Photo by Jarrod Reed on Unsplash

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