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Garage Door Spring Replacement Protocol

Garage Door Spring

There are certain areas in your life where you can cut corners. Take for example a sandwich. You could cut from corner to corner– For what reason we don’t know:
On a serious note, though, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your garage door spring replacement. Many times, we get asked if someone can “get away” with just replacing one garage door spring at a time. Here’s the answer:

Yes, you can “get away” with it, but in the end, you’re going to have a bigger headache when you have to call us a month later, and you’ll likely end up spending more money because of the separate service; not to mention the cost of two springs sold separately rather than together.

So, what is proper protocol with regard to garage door spring replacement? Get them done together, every time! You’ll thank us for this advice down the road.

Now to make a sandwich. . .

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