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Garage Door Safety for Your Family

Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are generally the largest moving object that most families will find in their homes. The better that this object is maintained and operated, the less likely it is to cause harm to anyone. These doors provide security and protection from the elements. However, moving garage doors can in fact cause injury, which is why it is important for you and your family to be well equipped with the facts on garage door safety. Inform yourselves as thoroughly as possible on the process of proper maintenance and operation of the garage door in your home.
Not a Toy
The garage door and the garage door opener should never be considered as toys. They can be quite dangerous if they are misused causing serious injuries or worse. For this reason, children should not be permitted to play with the garage door or its operating system. They should be well aware of certain rules like not being able to stand or play under or close to any garage door. This becomes especially pertinent when the door is open or may be in motion. It is very important for adults to be well informed of these facts and to enforce them when it comes to their children. Do not allow children access to your garage remote controls or the operating system itself. These should both be kept out of a child’s reach. Even the push button mounted on the wall should be at least five feet from the floor which should be well beyond a child’s reach.
Rules for the Door
Individuals should not stand or walk under a garage door while it is in motion. You should never attempt to enter or exit a garage by racing under a moving garage door. When the garage door is opening or closing, everyone should remember to keep the door within view until it has fully opened or closed. Be sure that there are no adults, children, or animals attempting entry or exit while the door is closing. Always keep fingers and hands well out of range of the door sections when it is opening or closing to avoid any injuries.
Proper Maintenance
Keeping your garage door maintained properly will allow for better safety when operating. With simple annual maintenance from a trained service technician, you will effectively test certain tasks that are important for everyday functions. Due to the fact that your garage door operates electrically, it can in fact cause a shock if mishandled. For this reason, proper maintenance by a trained service technician is required for safety. Do not attempt the repair of a garage door that operates through springs or cables. When under extreme tension, it can cause severe injuries. Leave these tasks to trained experts.

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