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Garage Door Opener Types

Garage Door Opener

Did you know there are many types of garage door openers?  No?  Yeah!  Think about it–  There’s more than one way to open a garage door; while they all do essentially the same thing, how they go about it can vary wildly.

The two common openers are the belt and chain drive openers.  Chain drive are the most prolific, while also being the loudest and most economical.  They use a simple chain drive motor to operate the door.  Belt drive are the same concept except an upgrade that makes them less noisy.

Then you have a screw drive opener that is decidedly heavy duty and is used predominately on commercial / industrial applications.

And finally, the jackshaft opener, which mounts on the side wall of your garage and gives you maximal vertical space.

So which is right for you?  Only you can figure that one out

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