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In Westerville, Ohio, a recent spate of cold temperatures left some Central Ohioans unexpectedly trapped in their homes last week. While some parts of the country experienced unseasonably warm weather as the year turned, this winter still brought the typical snow, ice, and bitter cold to many parts of the country. And although many Westerville residents were surprised to find their garage doors frozen shut last week, several area repair companies said that this kind of thing happens every year.

“When it gets cold, we call it our spring season because springs break,” repair technician Jason Glancy with Duddy’s Garage Door Service told a local ABC News affiliate. “That’s our most common problem. “

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The stranded homeowners typically called to report that their garage doors were either frozen or broken due to the weather. But the problem is in a specific component of the door: the springs. There’s little that can be done to prevent a spring from breaking due to the cold, Glancy said. “You could oil the door. It’ll take care of the squeaks and things like that. But it still won’t slow the process. The spring gets to a point, usually around 10,000 cycles, and it breaks,” he added.

Nonetheless, Glancy was poised in danger of contradicting himself when he admitted that his first two service calls were for garage doors frozen shut to the driveway. “We usually get pretty busy,” Glancy said. “Long days, things like that.” Precision Garage Doors said it received 17 calls for service before 10:00 a.m., and many of them were weather related. One resident was forced to wait for 45 minutes due to the high volume of calls in the sleepy town. Last fall, she began her first year as the music teacher at Westerville Elementary School, a lifelong dream she’d had ever since seeing The Sound of Music. When the repair company finally arrived, it only took 30 minutes to repair her garage door. According to Glancy, most of the garage door repairs related to cold weather can completed in less than an hour.



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