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Clean It Up! How To Organize Your Garage

Garage Door Clean

Summer is a high time for kids and families to plan out their whole vacation and activities which means garages are going to gain more importance during summers because all the relevant equipments, tools, toys, bikes, sporting, hiking and camping equipment is found in there.

But would not it bad if you go to your garage to get something but find yourself unable to do so due to the mess, and no organization in your garage? Hmm, too bad that you do not organize your garages but no worries because now you can, by following few simple steps;

Analyze and Prioritize

You need to go into your garage and have a look around then ask yourself what is the purpose behind having this garage in the first place; secondly, how would you like to utilize the given space optimally; further, prioritize your needs and wants associated with garages. When you want to organize garages then analyzing and prioritizing is always considered a first step to start off.

Clear out the space, throw out the junk

Yes, start with a clean slate, vacant your garage. There should not be one single thing, it is important to do so because thinking would become easier afterwards.

Group like items

Have a peek at your stuff which was in the garage previously. Now, start sorting similar items followed by grouping and placing them in garage after having considered priority based on the ease and need of quick access.

Get rid of unnecessary, unwanted stuff

You have to be really emotionless while executing this step; the aim behind this purging is to get rid of 50 percent of the stuff in your garage space. You can start this process by making 4 piles, keep, donate, trash and recycle then afterwards, start sorting items again based on these given categories.

Map out your space

Now is the time to check out your inventory in the garage then start mapping out different zones in the garage as now you know how much space is required by which stuff. Doing so would bring a lot of ease for you later on as keeping track of items would also become easier.

Arrange your supplies but in lesser space

Have a look at your organizational supplies and figure out ways through which you can store them without giving too much space. For instance, shovels, store rakes and brooms can be stored in large trash cans instead of keeping them laid on the floor.

Done with work zones now start labeling

Once you have made your work zones and also have organized your organizational supplies in accord to them then now it is the time to start labeling the work zones so you have an idea which item is in which work space and at what location.

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