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Never Store In Your Garage

Garage Door In Staten Island

The garage at our house is usually full of various types of items. Some of these items are of regular use and the rest are simply unwanted waste that has been collected for a long time. Most of the people generally do not pay attention to the items before storing them in the garage space. They just keep all the things that they want in the area. This leads to unwanted incidents sometimes which cause damage to life and property. The people must not store everything in the garage. To assist you more in this context, here are the items that you should never ever store in the garage.

Chemical or propane tanks: You should never store the chemical tanks in the garage. The tanks contain hazardous toxic chemicals which are dangerous for the safety of human beings. They might get leaked due to a hole or crack and cause serious damage. On leakage, some of these chemicals produce explosion on coming in contact with different external agents. Therefore as a safety measure, you must store these items at any other isolated place in the house where there is no public intervention.

Lawn Mowers: The lawn mowers are useful tools to have in the house. But they should not be kept in the garage area. They have often been found to leak oil on a regular basis which has eventually resulted in the occurrence of many accidents and injuries to the people. If you too have your lawn mower kept in the garage, then it is time for you to act quickly. Remove the lawn mower from the garage area and keep at another location probably at a much safer place than before. Not only just the lawn movers but other equipment and tools that might leak oil should not be stored in the garage area.

Food Items: This is the most important thing that you must always remember to remove from the garage for sure. You should never store any kind of food items and similar stuff in the garage without using a refrigerator or other preservation system. It is highly unsafe to keep such items as the garage area is prone to a lot of dust and dirt. There are many pest and insects found in the garage which pollute and degrade the quality of food items. If these items are consumed, then there are chances of severe health problems.

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Never Store In Your Garage

Staten Island Garage Door Emergency

Trust us when we say that you will be so grateful to have a garage door company that is not only willing to come out for emergency garage door repairs the same day you call but won’t charge you extra for it. So many companies only have certain “office hours” that they work. This can put you in a huge bind if your garage door happens to break outside of those very specific hours. Luckily Staten Island Garage Doors is always open and ready to help. We literally have someone to answer the phone 24/7 and a technician will always be able to make it out the very day you call. The best part about the services we offer? We charge you the same great price regardless of if it is 10am or 10pm.

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Never Store In Your Garage

Garage Doors

The garage doors are being used as the main way to get in and out of our homes more than ever. In fact, a nationwide survey consisting of consumers and home owners stated that, almost 75% of Americans use their garage door openers to gain entry into their homes every day – more than they use the front door.

Garage Doors are today’s “front door”

The garage doors are being used as the main way to get in and out of our homes more than ever. In fact, a nationwide survey consisting of consumers and home owners stated that, almost 75% of Americans use their garage door openers to gain entry into their homes every day – more than they use the front door.

Your garage door remote – or clicker – has become the new front door key.

The garage door’s role in the home has changed drastically over the last 25 years. Garage doors aren’t just covers for your garage anymore; they are an extension of your house’s personality. More people are becoming aware of style and design when replacing their garage doors. On many American homes, the garage door is almost half of the façade, so giving your garage door a makeover can change the appearance of your whole house.

There are hundreds of different looks in elegant and stylish designs, contemporary or raised panel doors. And with professional installation, the job can be completed in a day or less. It’s highly recommended not to try to install the door you. It’s a complex and somewhat dangerous task. It is best to have the job done by a professional, who can haul your old door away and make certain your new garage door is operating properly.

Stand up to the storm: No match for Mother Nature

No matter which coast you live on, your home needs to stand up to extreme winds and weather. Storm damage experts insist that your garage door is your home’s first line of defense against gusty winds. Garage doors in fact play an important role in protecting your home, especially if you live in a hurricane prone region.

During hurricanes, it’s been found that houses with an attached garage can blow apart if they have old or weak garage doors. If you don’t have a storm-rated door, strong winds can knock it out of the opening and possible blow out your home’s roof and supporting foundation walls.

The garage door is potentially the largest, weakest opening of a residential home’s exterior. However, here’s the good news, since the 1992 Hurricane Andrew, all major garage door manufacturers have been producing and creating new, heavy-duty garage doors that meet or exceed the majority of strict building codes. Some garage doors can now can withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 145 mph

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Never Store In Your Garage

Garage Door Emergencies

No machine is flawless.  Many modern inventions, big and

small, rely on mechanics to aid their operation; therefore, it’s likely that, at some point, they will need maintenance. Electric can openers, the gate to your community, and the fan in your house all need occasional service to keep performing at the highest level of efficiency.  One appliance that absolutely must be serviced is your electric garage door, because losing control of it is a truly fearsome thing.  If something does happen to your garage door, however, there are safety procedures you can observe to minimize the threat of further damage.

Broken Spring

Everyone in the house usually hears the recoil when a garage door spring breaks.  Garage door springs are extremely taut and strong, making them the most dangerous component of the garage door unit.  When a spring breaks, calm animals and children down and quarantine them before going to check the damage.  You can’t be too cautious when you’re coming face to face with a broken spring.  After you confirm the situation, call a garage door repairman right away to spring life back into your door.

Broken Sensor

A broken sensor is a fairly difficult problem to diagnose—at least until its too late.  Ideally, a garage door safety inspection would identify the inadequacy of the garage door sensors; your car getting crushed is a not so ideal way to find out.  I am compelled to say that this is an extremely threatening situation when you have children in the home. When the sensors stop sensing, be sure to get them repaired immediately to ensure your and your family’s safety.

In addition to the ones stated, there are several other garage door emergencies—eek! Dare I say broken motor?—that can be scary to endure.  Just remember that help is only a phone call away!

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Never Store In Your Garage

Garage Door In Staten Island

If you hear a bang when you turn on your TV, what do you do  Probably call a TV repair man, as well as an excorcist.  What do you do when you hear a bang while operating your garage door opener?  Call a garage door opener technician.

This may seem obvious, but for many people this isn’t that obvious–  A lot of people think that, as long as the garage door operates (ish), it’s okay, even if it’s jerky, making loud noises, or screaming at you.  This is definitely not the case.  It’s important to have it checked out as soon as it starts operating funny because that could be indicative of a much larger issue at play.  By taking care of the issue before it snowballs into something crazy, you can ensure that your repair will stay relatively inexpensive compared to some sort of intense service.

Last question:  What do you do when you hear a bang while operating your rifle?  Reload, probably.

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Never Store In Your Garage

Best Garage Door In Staten Island

The beginning of the year marks for a new chance to start fresh and de-clutter your home of all the old, outdated belongings that have been lurking around for years. However, we as humans have a hard time parting with our possessions, as they can represent a sentimental feeling ogr memory of a time that we cherish. It is hard to let go even though our things are just things. But really the memories are with us, attached to our hearts and our brains, not the physical objects themselves. Things can break, be replaced or even thrown out, but our memories last a lifetime.

If you are in need of a good de-cluttering, a good way to do so is by giving your things away or, even better, selling them! What nicer way to make money and clean up the garage than to have a garage sale, and not just any ol’ garage sale, but the worlds best!

Start by promoting your garage sale well in advance on social media sites. List what kind of items you will be selling, for example antiques, furniture, glassware and clothes. In this case less is not more, use descriptive words and note all of the date and location details. Word of mouth is another great way to spread the “word”. You may find that a few of your friends want to join you with their items, which could only make your sale better.

A couple of days before your garage sale, create stand out signs with bright colors and bold letters that will make an impact on all those who drive by. Place the signs around the block leading to your sale, but make sure the arrows are pointing in the right direction. You wouldn’t want to lead a bunch of eager buyers to your neighbor’s garage sale!

You need to keep your eye on design when it comes to organizing your sale.  Group similar objects together and think about how you’re displaying each group. You should stand back on the street and look at your things through the eyes of a buyer. Rearrange your items so your sale looks as inviting as possible. Also, instead of putting your clothes on a blue tarp on the grass or in a brown cardboard box, try hanging them on a portable clothes rack like in a department store. That way browsing through your “racks” gives the buyers a feeling of being a customer and not just someone who is rummaging through someone else’s old smelly things.

If it’s a hot day, don’t forget to keep the shoppers happy. Providing a cool refreshment like lemonade, it will encourage your customers to stay a bit longer if they are hydrated and happy!

Finally, pricing each item is a shortcut to success. Nothing turns shoppers away faster then having to ask, “how much is this” every time they pick something up. Label each item with an easy to read price label. Be aware that some browsers aren’t just looking to spend a buck at your sale, they also want to bargain and negotiate with you. Be ready to lower the prices on some of your items by 10 to 20 %. Also make an end of the day half-off sale on the items that were not so popular – like that moose-butt umbrella stand that nobody wants.

With these handy tips, you’ll be sure to get your neighbors talking about the world’s best garage sale for years to come!

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Never Store In Your Garage

Clean Garage Doors

Cleaning a garage might seem to be a difficult task for most of the people. It is a really a tough thing to do as there is plenty of stuff and items stored in the garage at home. There are several useful and waste items present in the garage. A lot of effort and time is consumed in the process of cleaning a garage. But despite of all the hard work, the garage doesn’t look well cleaned. If you are too facing the same problem, then do not worry. We will help you out with a few simple garage cleaning tips. These tips will surely enable you to clean your garage like a professional next time around.

Overview of the conditions: The first step in the process of cleaning a garage is to analyze the conditions very well. Take a look at the conditions of your garage properly. Of course you will get frustrated with the stuff spread in the area like dirt, junked items, etc. but it’s important to stay relaxed. Then, plan out a strategy to decide on what items you need and what stuff you would want to throw as waste. It will help you largely in arranging the items in the garage.

Start arranging the stuff: Once you have decided on the strategy, start implementing it. Keep all the necessary items of use together and if possible store them in a bin. The items that you want to throw should be collected together in a container or bin whatsoever. Separating the items in this manner will help you distinguish between them clearly while cleaning the space in the area.

Sell or throw all the unwanted items: After collecting the waste items together, you must either sell or throw them as quickly as possible. This way all your unwanted stuff would be removed easily. This would help you in the later stage of cleaning.

Cleaning: Finally, after organizing the useful items together in a bin, all of the space in the garage would be left free. You can shift the bin temporarily to any another place until the cleaning operation is completed. You can then easily sweep the space around to remove the dirt and dust particles present in the garage. You can even wipe off the floor if you want. Restore the useful items back into the garage once the cleaning gets over.

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Never Store In Your Garage

Garage Door

Common uses?  A garage is a building meant to store automobiles and sport utility vehicles, right?  Well, statistics point out the fact that even though at least half the world that owns homes have garages also, only about 25% of those home-owners in the United Kingdom and 60% of home and automobile owners in the United States actually park their cars inside. Wow!  What do they use them for, you ask?

The most common uses of attached garages that are not used for vehicles are:

Storage. For people of modest means, this area can make their living space bigger. Some actually make them into family areas and bedrooms. Others, just have too much “stuff” and have to park it somewhere. Sometimes, garages are used for “collections” of automobiles that are not used often, but are intended for investment and hobbies.

Play or work area.  A garage is a perfect place to start a music group and rock out.  Others want to have a place to play pool or ping pong with room to move around.  Perhaps families with lots of children can turn it into a safe, carpeted area for toddlers to play. The do-it-yourself guy can make himself a dandy workshop complete with power tools and cabinets.

Home Business.  There is no less expensive way to start your own business than in your home or garage.  One does not have to pay rent for office or warehouse space. If the new business includes inventory, you can guess where it will be stored.

Additional home space.  Whatever is adjacent to the garage, whether it be a bedroom, family room or kitchen, can be expanded to increase the square footage of the main house.

The car or cars you ask? Well, they are often found on driveways, in carports and at the curb.

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Never Store In Your Garage

Garage Door Spring In Staten Island

Has one of your garage door springs recently broken? If so, you obviously know you need to have that spring replaced but you might be wondering if you have to also replace the other spring.

The short and simplified answer is no you don’t have to replace both. The longer and better answer is that you should highly consider replacing both in this situation. In most cases the springs are the same age and have had the same amount of use, so if one breaks the other one is probably on its way out too.

It just makes sense to save yourself the cost of having to call someone out twice when you can just have them replace both at the same time!

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Never Store In Your Garage

Garage Door In Staten Island

We recently received this message in our Email from a past customer asking about spring replacement:


my neighbors spring broke on his garage door recently, and he got upset because he said the company that he was gonna have replace them tried to rip him off by having him do both at once. what gives? is that company right?”

We already replied to this customer, but we thought this could be an educational experience for everyone! No, that other company is not trying to ripoff our customer’s neighbor– In fact, to the contrary, that company was trying to do them a favor. Springs are nearly always installed at the same time, which means that they go through similar amounts of stress over their lifetime. What happens when one breaks, is that those stresses became too great. The other spring, which is also worn down, will likely break soon. So rather than have two different visits from a company (and two different purchases of a single spring), you can take advantage of a single service call and a discounted rate on two springs. A much better option for everyone involved!

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