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When do I need to call a professional?

Garage Door In Staten Island

Have you been having problems with your garage door? If you have noticed that it is making a lot of noise while operating or just looks run down? These are the types of things you can certainly fix up yourself. Typically squeaking just means that the hinges and springs need to be lubricated. And if the door is just looking a little old and run down you can definitely paint the door to spruce it up. Basically, anything cosmetic is something that is safe for you to do on your own. However, if your garage door has any problems with the actual functioning then you need to call a professional in to work on the door.

When you are working with garage doors you have to think about how heavy the door is and the fact that things need to be aligned just right for all of the parts to work together. A technician works with garage door every single day and is prepared to handle anything the door can throw their way, which is why it is so much smarter to trust them for the big repairs.

When do I need to call a professional

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When do I need to call a professional?

Garage Door Open

Garage Door Open Indicator Monitor

With most things in life, you can accessorize.  Accessories are a fantastic way to get the most out of a product–  Whether it’s an outfit, a car, or something else.  How do you accessorize your garage door, though?

You can do it with an open indicator monitor, which is something that we recommend for most people, since most people are rather forgetful, or because most people are curious about increased security for their garage door, and don’t know what to do.

What is an open indicator monitor?

An open indicator monitor is an ingenious device that installs inside your home, and also on your garage door.  Simply put, it will alert you when your garage door is left open, so that you may either close it, or keep tabs on it until you’re done having it open.

Why would I need an open indicator monitor?

Leaving your garage door open for extended periods of time can have an effect on you in a few different ways:

  1. You’re leaving you and your family vulnerable to whatever danger lurks in your neighborhood.
  2. You’re leaving your possessions vulnerable to whatever burglars are around–  Think about it. . .  Whatever is in your garage is just there for the taking should someone walk past.  Not to mention access to your home in most cases.

So, there are reasons why you would need one, but should you actually get one?  Our initial response to just about anyone is a resounding yes, but if you’re unsure, just ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Are you prone to leaving your garage door open for extended periods of time?
  • Do you have kids that leave it up?  Relatives?
  • Are you very forgetful in general?

Yes responses to these questions mean that you should seriously consider having one installed, because you’re the perfect candidate for having one of these.

Do I need an open indicator monitor

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When do I need to call a professional?

Garage Door Tidy

We all know that garages are for cars but a lot of us use garages to store items instead of hiring a storage unit, but when we first start to store unwanted items in our garage or items we do not use very much, the garage starts to get clutted as we continue to add item after item.
Below are some tips which will help you turn the mess in your garage into a well organised mess.

1. Try and store items in a vertical position. By storing items in this way you are saving space in your garage.

2. Go through all the items that you are storing in your garage and ask yourself if you will every use those items again. See if there is anything you can give to charity or sell or if the items are damaged items then simply throw them away. Try and free up as much space as possible.

4. Group your items to find, use it like a filing system so when you do need those items they are easy to find. For example, if you have paint, put all the paint pots together, if you have a lot of books put them all together.

5. Decide which part of your garage will be for storage and try to stick to that section when you are storing items.

6. If you are putting items in boxes then make sure that you label each box so you know exactly what is in the box, this makes it easier for when you need those items.

If you find items that you no longer want, remember you can always donate them to a charity.

Photo by Jarrod Reed on Unsplash

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When do I need to call a professional?

Garage Door Maintenace

Tip One

Examine the door in its entirety. You will want to open and shut the door to ensure that it is square. Then you will want to close the door and inspect the mechanical parts. Make sure that the rails that the door rollers are on are not bent and that their aren’t any loose screws. Then you need to inspect the cables to ensure that they are not frayed, too loose, or too tight. After that, you will want to look at the rollers themselves. You will want to examine them and see if they are starting to pop out of the door and that they roll smoothly on the rails. Call a garage door serviceman if you find any of these problems.

garage door tip 1

Tip Two

Clean out any dirt or grime that you see in the door’s track. The dirt can cause parts to become dislodged, plus they absorb water which increases oxidation. Use a shop towel or a a rag and wipe out any large particles of dirt. Then in order to get any stubborn grime removed, you should use a degreaser or detergent along with water.

garage door tip 2

Tip Three

Now that you have cleaned the garage door, you will want to oil the moving parts. While you can use regular oil such as WD40, it is best to use a penetrating oil instead. The reason is that this kind of oil breaks down rust, which will destroy the mechanical parts in the door such as the cables and rollers. Spray the rollers, track, and cables liberally with the penetrating oil while opening and closing the door. This will help keep your garage door running smoothly throughout the year

garage door three tip

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When do I need to call a professional?

Garage Door Scenes

There are many movies that have some remarkable garage scenes. Most of these garage scenes were unforgettable especially those that are seen in some of the most popular movies of all time. The famous movies that have notable garage scenes are the following:

• Scream
There is a garage scene in the movie where Ghostface have killed a party girl with the use of the garage door

• Scary Movie
This parody movie of scary movies of all time has included a scene in garage where the character of Marissa Jaret Winokur is trying to escape Ghostface.

• Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
An impressive garage scene that you can find in this movie is the several storey of cars parked in a garage. The scenes have shown several luxurious cars parked in several storeys where a particular action scene was taken.

• Twilight
There is a scene where the Cullens are about to get confused with the direction where Bella was supposed to be taken. The scene covers the time when the Cullens rode their cars as they were trying to let the other vampires lose tracks of Bella.

• The Fast and the Furious
This movie should not be removed from the list of movies with garage scenes. There were several garage scenes in the movies in different locations showcasing different cars throughout the movie.

• The Transporter 3
A garage scene was taken where an impressive action fight was taken. Many people were impressed with the fight scene and have acclaimed the professional look of the scene.

With these movies in mind, there is no doubt that garage scenes are definitely important parts in movies. In fact, there are important scenes taken in these movies that are considered as pivotal scenes of some of these popular movies that are loved by many moviegoers all over the world.

Garage Scenes from Popular Movies

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When do I need to call a professional?

Garage Door Winter

With winter here, your garage can be a freezing place. Of course, most garage doors take the brunt of low temperatures, snow, sleet and wind. Do not spend huge amounts in heating your garage or making expensive repairs in spring. Just winterize your garage, especially your garage door and you should be set for winter’s fury like never before.

Garage Door Seal
Air drafts are a major problem in garages. You can install a door seal around the frame of the garage. This will not only prevent air drafts from entering the garage, it also will prevent snow and other debris, like leaves, from entering your garage from under the door.

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Check Hinges
If the garage door hinges are loose or bent, you will have freezing temperatures in your garage. Also, these will cause damage to the door. Hence, replace loose or bent hinges as soon as possible.

Check Hinges

Photo by Ari Spada on Unsplash

Garage Door Insulation
If you heat your garage during winter or the garage tends to get very cold during this season, you should think about insulating the door. There are DIY insulation kits that you can use to install polystyrene inserts in the back cavity of the door. This insulation will prevent the cold from coming in and the heat from escaping outside.

Remove the Snow and Ice
Winter storms can be a nightmare. The snow and ice can cause the bottom seal of your garage door to freeze to the cement. This can prevent you from opening and closing the door and also could damage the seal and door. So, after a winter storm, be sure to shovel away the snow and ice. Use deicing salt where the door comes in contact with the cement floor.

Remove the Snow and Ice

Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash

Replace the Battery
If you have an automatic garage door, be sure to replace the battery in the remote. Batteries tend to fail in the cold and the last thing you need is being stranded outside in the cold with a remote with dead batteries. Furthermore, the constant freezing and thawing tends to short the wiring of the operator. So be sure to check them thoroughly every once in a while during the winter months.

How to Winterize Your Garage

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When do I need to call a professional?

Staten Island Garage Door Safety

Garage door injuries are not uncommon. You would generally be hearing about one or the other garage door injuries every day. While a malfunctioning doors can be termed as the problem for these issues, your carelessness and delay in getting a malfunctioning garage door repaired can also not be overlooked. This is the reason why we always suggest you to make sure that your garage door is always in good condition. Otherwise, you would have to pay more for the medical bill than your garage door repair. Did you know that over 33,000 people need to be admitted to the hospital emergency room every year because of garage door accidents? If not, then get ready to take control. We are now introducing the thinking man’s guide to a safer garage door. Follow these tips for great results.]

• Your garage door opener should be protected like a front door key- many people are quite careless about their garage door remote and believe that simply throwing it somewhere inside the car or their living room would be enough. Always keep this garage door opener with you and in a safe place. Never believe that there won’t be any burglars around who would take keen interest in stealing your garage door remote to break into your house.
• Always buy a garage door opener with a reversing system- learn to change with time and don’t ever think about keeping a door opener that does not have a reversing function. Since 1993, all garage door openers are required to have a reversing system installed in them. Though it is quite unlikely that your door opener doesn’t have a reversing feature yet, you must definitely check out the possibilities of failure and buy a new one with better technology as soon as possible.
• Educating children is a must – children can not only cause garage door accidents but can also be trapped or hurt when these accidents occur. Therefore, educating the children about the safe usage of a garage door opener is a must. Always make sure that they know how to operate and reverse the door in case of any mishaps and make sure that they play around with the opener.
• Get regular inspections- you must ideally be getting a garage door inspection completed every 6 months. It helps in making sure that any problems with the door are diagnosed before any mishaps occur.

 Garage Safety staten island

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When do I need to call a professional?

Garage Door Spring In Staten Island

When we say sagging springs you may have no idea what we are talking about. But if you have noticed that your garage door is not lifting and lowering evenly then you are probably suffering from sagging springs. This happens when one or both of your garage door springs starts to lose its tension and then it can’t hold the door as well. At first it may not be a huge problem, but over time it certainly can become one. If you leave the springs in this state eventually it can cause the spring to suddenly snap. If this happens it can cause a lot of damage and harm because the entire garage door will fall regardless of what or who is underneath it.

Moral of the story, if you notice your door isn’t operating evenly go ahead and have a garage door technician come out to check up on it!

garage door technician
Garage Door Technician

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When do I need to call a professional?

Garage Door Service In Staten Island

I’m always sad to watch them drive off, but I love the moment my sensors detect them approaching.  My lasers go off in excitement and my alarm light starts to blink rapidly as I watch them pull into the driveway.  With my new state-of-the-art glasses my eyesight is better than ever— insulated and weatherproof!  I have seen all types of vehicles, from smooth Chevy Impalas to Hondas and Harleys.  I keep the engines warm and protect them from the cold storms outside.

You can see my rust, wear and tear—but they take good care of me.  I’ve been here for decades now.  Whenever I get squeaky they know just how to fix me up.  They wipe over my tracks with a damp cloth to make sure I stay clean and running smoothly.  Sometimes I’m dangerous if I’m not working properly, that’s when a skilled technician will have to come in and give me a check up.  I can’t stand when they mess with my coiled springs, but I suppose it’s for the better.  Children have to watch out when getting their bikes, toys, and scooters out of here.  It’s always fun to watch them playing outside but I have to pay close attention to them and make sure they are safe.

I stay awake at all hours of the night, watching out for burglars.  I have an alarm system that keeps the bad guys out.  They have valuable items inside that I must protect.  I make sure no one comes on my turf uninvited.  I am strong and sturdy— one of the best brands on this block, no one can break me down!

The Steel Protector

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When do I need to call a professional?

Staten Island Gate

A lot of people like the prospect of surrounding their home with an extra layer of security;  but once you install a beautiful fence / wall around your home, how are you supposed to get in and out of your home!?  You’re stuck!

Well, not if you install a gate, which is what most smart homeowners do.  In fact, we’re pretty sure all homeowners that are not criminals opt for a gate.

Now, we bring up the idea of a gate, because a lot of homeowners go through the effort of installing a fence, but then don’t opt for a gate to actually finish it–  While a fence can add a nice amount of aesthetic to your home, we still highly recommend making it a functional security piece too!  That’s why you should ask your garage door company if they deal in gates, too!


Staten Island Garage Doors

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