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Are you keeping up on garage door safety?

Garage door safety–  Who needs it, am I right?  No. I’m wrong.  Horribly horribly wrong.  Everyone needs garage door safety, because without it, your garage door can easily become a death trap that is just waiting to destroy you.  Don’t believe me?  Well, let’s just run down the simple list of the various tests that you should have done, and what exactly can go wrong if you neglect them.  There are three tests total:

  1. Garage Door Force and Reverse Safety Testing.  This is an important part of garage door safety as it means that when the garage door encounters the slightest amount of resistant force, it will immediately change course and reverse along the track.  This means that, should the door hit anything, whether an inanimate object or otherwise, you’re safe.  You don’t need much of an imagination to see what could happen if the garage door didn’t stop when it hit something, like a person.
  2. Emergency Release Carriage Safety Testing.  This is a simple test of the emergency release system that allows you to open and close the garage door without the garage door opener.  In the event of an emergency, you may need to get out of your home through your garage, and if you can’t open the garage door, you might be stuck. . .
  3. Photoelectric Eye and Garage Door Opener Sensor System Testing.  This test ensures that the “eyes” of your garage door opener are functioning properly so that your garage door won’t close if something is in the way.  Again, you can probably figure out how this could go wrong.

So, now that you know the alternative, are you ready to take garage door safety seriously?


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