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3 Tips to Easy Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door is a convenience many do not consider until it begins to malfunction. Problems with a and closing properly can be a real headache. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can do to keep your garage door in prime working order. Here are three excellent suggestions you should perform once a month.
1. Do a visual check – A quick visual inspection is all that is necessary. Start with a closed door and check all of the mechanical parts such as the springs, cables, rollers and the like. Look for signs of excessive wear or damage. Cables should be solid and not frayed in the least, and all mounting hardware should be snug and secure. If there is a visible issue or problem, make a note and contact a trained, insured service technician immediately.
2. Check the reversing mechanism – All openers after January 1, 1993 are required to have a reversing system and electronic eye sensor. These safety features prevent injury and entrapment from the door closing on a person, vehicle or other. If your system does not have these features, consider a replacement system.
Test by opening the door, and placing a piece of 2×4 wood on the floor where the door will touch the floor. Close the door. When the door strikes the wood, the door should immediately reverse and raise again. If the door does not raise, contact a service technician.
3. Check the photo eye – This is the second precautionary piece required on all garage doors. Open the door, and start to close it again. Pass an object, a broom head works well, across the eye.
The door should stop and reverse. Contact a service technician if this is not the case.
Doing each of these three tests will save you money and headaches later on. Remember: a garage door opener is a closed mechanical system and should only be opened by a qualified professional.

Easy Garage Door Maintenance

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

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