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Do you own a business on Staten Island? If so, then you know how incredibly important it is to keep your shop safe and secure when you are not there. The first thing you will probably do is make sure you rekey the entries to the shop when you take ownership and then you will want to consider getting a security camera as well, but did you know that having a gate that locks in front of the door will actually do the best job of keeping people out?

Yep, a gate will cover the front of your store and make it extremely difficult to break into, which will deter thieves from even trying. If they are looking to break into a shop and they happen upon your block they are going to look for the easiest place to break into and if you have a nice secure gate all locked up they usually won’t even consider it because they know it will be far too much effort and take way too much time.

Call Staten Island Garage Door Gates today for an estimate on repairs and services related to your gate! We offer services starting at just $29!

So, we would suggest before you spend the money on a surveillance camera and system, have a gate installed on the front of your shop. Staten Island Garage Doors can help with this. We are at the ready to get a technician out to you today to make sure we get that gate installed and keep you and your shop secure!

If you run into problems with the gate you already have installed we will send a technician to you asap. We never want to leave you at risk so we will not charge you even a penny extra to get s tech to you anytime day or night. Even if it is Christmas we will send someone to you for no extra fee. We want to help keep your gate working great!

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