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Staten Island Garage Doors FAQ

We have done a very good job of providing a lot of quality information on our website; but that doesn't mean that people have been able to find it all that well. Also, there are many of our potential customers who just plain don't look around our site before they decide to give us a call asking us a question. That's why we've put together this handy list of frequently asked questions: You can check here to see if your question has been answered before spending the time calling us to ask:

  1. What time do you close? / Are you open? As you can see from our website, we offer 24 / 7 Garage Door service for all of our customers, which means we're always open and ready for you, no matter when you need us. The answer to this question: We don't / Yes.
  2. When can you make it out? We offer same day service to all of our customers, and in most cases, we also offer lightning fast response times that can get us out there in as little as an hour; this depends on our schedule, of course.
  3. How do I know you guys will do a good job? We offer a satisfaction guarantee to every customer, every time. This is our way of sticking around after we've already left.
  4. I have a (insert name of garage door opener); can you service this? We can work on all four types of garage door openers from all of the major manufacturers.
  5. What brands do you use when performing your services and replacements? We work with only the top name brands every time because we want to make sure that you have quality parts installed, and that the next company to work on your garage door will have no problem working with what we've used.

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With a lot of choices for garage door repairs in Staten Island, why risk making the wrong decision? Staten Island Garage Doors technicians have decades of collective experience, and an industry leading Satisfaction Guarantee. Call us now for more information! (888) 326 - 7164

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